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Where to stay in Jackson Hole for the S & D Camp?

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Here is what I wrote to mdf (who participated in the Camp last Feb) in a PM asking about the JH Steep and Deep Camp:



Hello mdf --


Talked 3 of my buddies into it and we're signed up for early Feb.  Looking for a condo/town home/house as a place to stay >> we're in our 40s and 50s, will probably eat in as often as we eat out and prefer to each have a room to ourselves and a little luxury.  Will rent an SUV for the week. From what I can glean, there's not much benefit to staying in the Village vs the town so I am leaning to the town.  Do you have any opinion/insight?  Thanks much.


Here is what he thoughtfully responded:



Actually, I would stay in Teton Village.  For a normal ski trip, town is a good option but not so much for camp.


The day starts well before the mountain opens -- they have to get everyone to the top.  I dont remember exactly, but 30 to 45 minutes before opening.  Unless you are  a full-on morning person, a few extra minutes will be precious.  Plus you have to get all your buds in the car, including the one that is always late.


I did not have a car, so I didnt pay attention to whether things have changed, but there is/was a pretty decent car pool parking lot.  The regular lot is across the main road, and the free lot is 5 miles back at the turn in the road.


All but one night, there is an apres-ski event starting 5-ish (530? 6? I forget).  I usually dumped my stuff and took a quick shower or at least changed clothes -- not too practical in town.


In TV I stayed in a studio condo, the Village Center Inn, and the Hostel -- liked them all.  In town (non-camp trip) I stayed at the Antler motel.


By the way, this would be a fine question for the open forums -- then everyone can tell me I'm wrong!  Feel free to repost (including quoting me) if you want to.


Have fun -- it is a great place and a great experience.


Though it seems to me his "staying in the Village will make the early tram ride easier" is a winner, I thought I'd take him up on on the suggestion to put it out for general comments >>> +/- on the Village over the town?

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I would concur that staying in the Village is preferable to staying in the town, given the early start and apre-ski activities. The shuttle bus makes a lot of stops between the two points and talks at least a 30 minutes (more counting the time it takes to get to the shuttle pick-up points). If you prefer higher end lodging, the Village also makes sense. It's easy to spend a night or two in Jackson via the shuttle and worth the experience of a great western town.


 Choose either the village or the town, but, call Jackson Hole Central Reservations and book accommodations through them. They can get you the best rates and possibly discounts on lift tickets. In the past, they also had some deals on discounted airfares. I dealt with a rep named Zak and would highly recommend him. 




I hope to be in Jackson in late March. Love that town!

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Whenidid S&D, there was quite the after-party. It involved pole dancing and a toga (optional) party. My spouse was with me, but I wouldn've participated anyway. Stay at the village -- you never know what kinda trouble you'll find yourself in.

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Hmmmm. I always stay in town. 1. Cheaper lodging. 2.  Way better choice of restaurants in town. If you can get your gang to 

get up early - I would recommend staying in town.

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Wow that's a tough call.  I've only stayed in town, but can certainly see mdf's point about the time.  I guess if I thought it was affordable enough I would stay in the village based on the descriptions of the pre lift opening and apres activities for the camp.


Town certainly has a great variety of restaurants etc... and I found the people whether visitors or locals to be fun to be around because I think everyone was mostly happy to be there.

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I have done steep, and deep twice, and might go back this year..

I will ONLY stay at the Village.

I have stayed at the Inn twice

Snake river once.

If price is a problem, go hostel, if I go by myself this year, I will probably stay at the Hostel.

I will repeat in case you are hard of seeing...Stay at the Village.

Thank me later

I know all the coaches, let me know who you get as an instructor. It would be cool to talk with you, while you are there, and see who they put you with.

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