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davos 2013

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I'm new here...not sure if this is even the right place. I want to go to Davos Switzerland this upcoming season. Only problem is I don't have any friends with that kind of time/money/desire. Does anyone know any ski clubs going in 2013?
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Hi there,


I don't know about Davos but I've been to Zermatt twice in the last two years.  I was planning to go again next year  Feb 16 to 23, this time to Sestriere in Italy ( check Milky Way or Via Lattea skiing) but my buddies bailed out so I'm alone. I even made a tentative booking  for accommodations, apartment  for 3 persons, it costs $585 for the week (split in 3 would be about $195 pp) and ski passes are about $320 for an area with over 400 kms of trails, some that are in nearby  France. Do you have anything set for Davos?  Where about are you from, how old ,etc? You can send me a private message if yiou want. Cheers!

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We live in Switzerland and while we are not planning on going to Davos for a whole week, we would be interested in some weekend skiing there if the time works out. The international ski club of Zurich will also be in Davos March 1-3, 2013 if you are interested. Happy to help with any other questions - Davos is like our home slopes smile.gif

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This really sounds like a great trip...wish I had see you post earlier, Vac time all accounted for

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