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Best Ski Jackets?

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What types of jackets are people using and for what type of weather? Say early January and for mid March?


There are a ton of breathable fabrics out there but I am wondering at what temps do you switch jackets at? I know some people can take the cold better than others but looking for some opinions

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Don't switch jackets, just add proper layering.

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Most of the winter I used a goretex shell + fleece or polartec + merino or nike pro baselayer. It worked well for the entire winter last year. I pretty much kept my jacket the same using the shell and play with layers, adding a down jacket if it's crazy cold for instance like close to 0F and windy... otherwise I just need to keep my hands warm and use a neck gaiter and won't be cold.


I prefer shells over an insulated jacket since I can use it all year for hikes or rain jacket during fall/spring.

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Well, my 2 cents
Even if you have "one of these new fabrics" jackets with insulation, they breathe well and have vents to help when you get too hot. You can use them through a wide delta of temperatures.
I have a helly hansen and I would say that its ok to use between +10C and -10C with just a good baselayer.
I pretty much dont need to switch jackets :)
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If you use a good quality Goretex shell, an insulating mid-layer, and a wicking base layer, you will have all winter covered.  The key is buying good quality materials that will last.  Companies that make good products are: Arcteryx, Marmot, Patagonia, Helly Hansen, Mountain Hardwear.  Once you have a good quality Goretex shell, you don't really need to change jackets ever.  You just adjust your mid-layer according to the temperature. 

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I'd recommend finding something that fits you really well, then figure out what jacket fits in your budget and what it can do for your needs.  Most companies are known for certain "fits", and you could theoretically buy the best tech jacket in the world but it'll be useless if it doesn't fit well.


Generally speaking, Patagonia have more "boxy" fits, Mountain Hardware is more "average build", Arc'teryx are generally more athetlic and long-limbed.  There are exceptions, but these are general guidelines.


Most top-tier companies all have great jackets, and though there are some differences that can be debated, they're all generally good.  So find something that fits you well and then you'll be really happy.  Nothing worse than a great jacket that fits like crap.  You'll curse it and sell it at the end of the season, trust me.  Been there, done that.  UGH.


Layer up.  Good base layer (either merino wool or some Polartec-based fabric), then an insulating mid-layer (either down or fleece) and then a solid outer shell.  Depending how you layer, you can use the same stuff for both January and March; just shed a mid-layer if it's mild out, or add a thicker fleece, for example, if it's really cold.  Like the others have said, layering is the key to happiness.  The particular products are just a matter of finding what fits you well and fits your budget.

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