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lookin for a one ski quiver,east and west coast.

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Hi guys.

primarily ski east coast, but go west one week per winter.

I'm 5'10"  200 lbs,

conditions I ski in : hard pack, groomed,freezing temps,tracked out crud,with some occasional kickers, some ice etc,

typical east coast conditions.

lookin for an all around light weight,crud busting,all mountain ski,

I'm open to anything, 

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You're going to want to look at something in the 80-95mm width range for maximum versatility.  Light weight and good crud busting ability don't necessarily go hand in hand.  Generally a ski with some metal in it will be a better crud ski than something lighter without metal.  At 200lbs. you're going to want a ski with some beef to it.


My go to ski for maximum east and west versatility is the Kastle MX88 which can handle just about everything other than boilerplate ice.  


I'm sure others will chime in with their favorites.


Good luck on your search!



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There are quite a few skis that meat most of you requirements but just one that meets all...The Kastle FX94. But, if you are willing to forgo the "light weight" requirement, that opens up some other options with my leader in the clubhouse is the 2012 Salomon Sentinel. At $349 you will save over $700 compared to this years LX94, enough to pay for bindings and your discount air fare for your trip west. The Sentinel is a killer ski and one of the best mid 90mm skis that was offered last season, it is a shame Salomon dropped it from their line this year. It is one of the best skis Salomon has EVER built. @5'10"/200lb, I am guessing you are more on the power side of the chart in your skiing style, you will be very happy with this ski east and west. 



**Edit: FX94, not LX, although the LX is not a bad choice. 

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As much as I like the FX94 - and own a pair - not sure it'd be my first pick for a do-all eastern ski for your mission, which seems to emphasize groomers, frozen, hardpack, and the occasional park. It's a weird ski to describe, truly a mountain approach ski that can be used well for other stuff. Especially good in trees. But not an ice pick, exactly, and IMO not for busting eastern crud, which can have the consistency of refrozen icees. For a guy your size and mission, I'd think the MX88, or this season's Stockli Stormrider VXL, or the Head REV85, or the Volkl Kendo, or as Phil sez, the Sentinel, would all work well.


Be warned that these are all fairy beefy skis, all like speed, all will prefer power style, all will want some attention to mechanics, or you'll end up in continuous yard sales. Of them, would opine that the REV85 and MX88 will be a touch more forgiving than the others, but not a lot. If you want something slightly lower key, but still strong and versatile, as Phil says in the footnote, the LX92 is a fine alternative to the MX88, and the Dynastar Outland 87 apparently is a great all around with some body to it. 

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thanks for all the input, ill be researching all the skiis and checking them out

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