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Carving skies

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I'm looking to cut corners on costs, so mainly looking for a last year, or year before ski. I've skied the old Salomon X Screams for a few years now, but recently switched to an old pair of 180cm Atomic Beta carves. I like the quickness. Even though they aren't as forgiving, that's turned out okay for me. I'm 6'1", 180 pounds, and in excellent shape. I'm a solid intermediate skier who likes to get off the groomies every so often. I'm looking for a good pair of carvers that have an even quicker turn, but I want them to handle speed okay. Basically a really good mogul ski that I can go fast with on the groomies. FYI, planning on buying a separate pair of skies for powder. Does such a ski exist?

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Oh, heck yes.


You're looking for a pair of Head Supershapes, Fischer Progressors, Volkl Racetigers or Tigersharks, Blizzard G-Force, Dynastar Course, Elan Speedwaves, plus a few others (er ... some sort of Atomic and Salomon no doubt).  All come in various iterations; different models, widths, flexes and layups.  All the skis mentioned are influenced to a greater or lesser degree by each manufacturer's race skis, but you could just as easily look at more forgiving race carvers, which would prioritise carving over off piste and moguls.  If you're serious about getting off the groomers you could also look at piste-oriented all mountain skis like the Blizzard Magnum series, Dynastar Contact series, Head Peaks, Fischer Motives, Kastle MX78s (personal fave), Elan Magfires or Amphibios, and the list goes on and on.  Jeez!  Somebody help me out here ... my mind just locked up due to an overload of great options  rolleyes.gif


If it were me I'd start by demoing (again) the Head Supershape Titan - a short-turning, 78mm all mountain ski - but that's just me.  The list is going to be long, and you'll likely need to narrow your priorities and answer some questions to get closer than the above.  And it always pays to demo before you buy.


Or (and here I go being a hypocrite) just get in touch with Holiday who's selling a pair of 172 Blizzard Magnum 8.1s in the Gear Sales Forum.  A very nice option for your stated aims (although it depends entirely on your priorities and preferences, as mentioned). [edit - you may prefer to go longer here]


Best of luck.  I'll be interested to see what you end up with.


Someone will be along to help you shortly.



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Blizzard Magnum 8.1 would be a great option or the Magnum 8.7. Either one carves really well on the groomers and the 8.7 will give you a little bit more width for the soft snow.

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Carving skies:




Carving skis:



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icon14.gif  roflmao.gif

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"Carving skies" is poetic, actually.

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An inverted carve, no less.  Nice.  

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