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Motorbike advice

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I am about to take my test in a few weeks and am thinking about buying a Bandit 600S. I need advice and any other options that you could give me in regards of bikes. I have quite long legs so need something that is going to accomodate them without much trouble!
Any advice welcome.
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There is a LOT to say about this and your best bet is to search other motorcycle specific forums on the net. My favorite one is You can also check out

The first issue is what type of bike you are interested in: a sport bike or a cruiser. I own a cruiser [Honda 750ACE].
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I know you posted this a while ago, so you may have already bought a bike. If you haven't, this is a great time to buy if you're looking for a new bike. Dealers want to get rid of their 2002 bikes right about now and some are even selling at or below dealer cost, especially considering how many 2003 bikes are completely redesigned this year. However, if this is your first bike, it would be better to get a used one because you WILL drop it a few times, no matter how careful you are. Check out and click on "forum/chat". There is a lot of discussion on first bike selection. I bet you could even give your height, weight, inseam, etc. and someone of comparable size could tell you what has worked well for them.
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