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Google Earth Trail Maps

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Hi Everyone, 


I am hoping some of you will be willing to help me, especially if you are familiar with Breckenridge or Copper Mountain ski resorts.


I have previously made maps of Whistler and Cypress ski resorts, and am confident in the accuracy of them (I am updating Whistler soon with a few corrections). Now I have made some maps of Breckenridge and Copper mainly based upon the paper trail maps and advice from some friends who have been there (no one more than a few days though)


Basically, I would like you to have a look at the maps and tell me of anything that is incorrect. I think Copper is pretty good, however Breckenridge has few zones that I am not sure about (under 6 chair and E chair). I have also marked a few obvious trails that I cannot find names for (marked as Unknown 1 to 9).


Lastly, in the Breckenridge 'Options' menu, there is a '+' button which loads items such as Patrol,Tools,Warming Huts, Emergency Phones, Toilets, Info kiosks, Bus Stops - I would really appreciate some help in fine-tuning their locations.


Links to demo pages




If you are willing to help, I would prefer you contact me via this page:

or you can email me directly at greg at whistler3dsolutions dot com


All suggestions, bugs, requests or offers of help for other resorts is appreciated.

Greg Hildebrand
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Wow, wbsr--that's cool stuff!

I know that you asked for feedback on your website, but I think that some discussion here would be helpful. I've looked quickly over your Copper Mountain map, and it's pretty good--very impressive! I would suggest a couple minor changes: First, "The Taco"--one of my favorite routes on Tucker Mountain--is a bit to the east of where you have it labeled. Aptly named, The Taco is the deep fold (chute), roughly where I have drawn the yellow line in the following image:

Spaulding Bowl is spelled, well, "Spaulding Bowl," not Spalding Bowl. But you are to be forgiven, as Copper Mountain itself misspells it the way you did on a sign at the top of the Storm King poma lift. I have to look a little closer at the runs in Spaulding Bowl, too--not sure you have them exactly right (I believe that Patrol Chute is a little further along the ridge to the north from where you have it).

These above-tree-line runs are tough to pinpoint exactly on Google Earth, aren't they?

Best regards,
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Maybe I did it wrong because when I clicked the link it said: 


The Google Maps API key used on this web site was registered for a different web site. The developer of this web site can generate a new key here.

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Thanks Bob! I have made the changes you mention (on my version, not the webpage yet)

It has definitely been a challenge making maps of resorts I do not know first hand, paper trail maps are only so good. Thus the need for Google Earth maps ;)


River-z. I believe that is a bug with the Google Earth plug-in. Websites no longer need individual API keys, and my pages no longer use one at all. Generally if you just refresh the page it will work properly.

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Anyone else have any feedback or suggestions?

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Originally Posted by river-z View Post

Maybe I did it wrong because when I clicked the link it said: 

The Google Maps API key used on this web site was registered for a different web site. The developer of this web site can generate a new key 

Same problem for me after multiple reloads. Macintosh. Lion OS. Most recent versions of Safari and Firefox tried.
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Did some research and here's the problem.

I had version 6.0.3 of the Google Earth plugin. I needed to delete the plug-in and go back to your page which then prompted me to install it. Once I had done that the page works. This required searching for the file named "Google Earth Web Plug-in" and deleting it. Not a very good solution compared to other plug-ins (like Flash) that prompt you to upgrade them on their own.

So it looks to me that as a developer you should probably write code that does a plug-in version check and prompt for an update.
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The plug-in is 'supposed' to upgrade automatically, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to handle that very well. I know it is a PITA to do it manually.


Thanks for taking the time to diagnose and letting me know. I will look into it soon.



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