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Lange XT LV questions.

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I have a pair of Lange Freeriders , about 5 seasons old that need replacing. I am 53, male,5 ft 7 , weigh about 155 lbs have  small feet t (25,5 and the last would need to be narrow, so the 97 should suit). I was interested in getting a boot with more flex than the old orange Freeriders. I removed both bolts in the back and manged to get the boot working once the temperature got above minus 20. I am still trying to work on technique rather than hurtling down the slopes...


I ski about 30- 40 days a year and will try for my Level 2 PSIA soon mainly for volunteer work with Adaptive students.


Question 1:  I would like to try some BC skiing, but about 90% will be Alpine . IS the new XT as 'good' as the last seasons RX for Alpine. 


Question 2: Since it has lace up liners, I assume that the absolute agony I had with getting my Freeriders on in the morning will only be amplified ?. IE I have to shove my liner encased foot into the boot ?. Or is it actually easier. ? I needed a hair drier to get into my boots most mornings, but once in I was - generally- happy .


Question 3. Recommendations for a Lange bootfitter in Frisco/ Dillon / Keystone. Greg Hoffman is a little too far , as I will be based in Dillon/ Breck for the 2 months I am in the US.   

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1)  yes,  if it fits you right.   sounds like you wont over power a boot, so most will be fine. 

2) liner on foot,   then liner in shell.  keep stuff warm, and that should help

3)  no idea who is in that area.

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 Your Quote: "Greg Hoffman is a little too far".


Greg is about 22 miles from Frisco---we have folks come in from distant states to get boot problems sorted out----22 miles isn't very far in the scheme of thingssmile.gif.



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Understand Mike. I will be coming from Sydney to get it done so the distance isn't necessarily an issue. smile.gif  I don't have a car , so getting to Vail is a little more problematic than Keystone and Breck with the Summit Shuttle at my door. 

My last set of boots were done by the Boot Doctors at Telluride whilst I skied there for a month. So it was GREAT to walk off the slope and have tweaks done whilst I waited.


I guess it means I will have to make sure I ski Vail for the first week or so if I use Greg, which is a small price to pay for a decent fit.

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