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Line MEP's Opus

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What do people think about this ski?  I have read that they are very playful.  Would they be a good ski for someone who wants to start skiing powder, i.e. are they as easy to ski as Rossi S7?

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The Pollard Opus is on my demo list for this year as well as the S7. I have no experience with the Opus but from reading and talking to people the Opus is a more switch ski, more center mount oriented than the S7, they should both be easy to ski and a good option for skiers more on the light side, I'm 5'5"/150 so as you can imagine I would have a hard time finding a powder ski that most people talk about so my options are limited.


Right now I'm thinking that I should demo Automatic, Pollard and S7, but I'm more interested in the Atomic and Rossignol since I don't care about spinning and skiing switch much.


Another option would be Armada, JJ or Magic J.


Hopefully soon someone who had actually been on these skis will show up and say something that you can trust :-)

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Based on the reviews, I think the *new* Line Influence 115 (not last year's model) is a better ski for a powder newbie than the Opus.  Supposedly it has a huge sweet spot and doesn't need to go extremely fast (but it can), which are good traits for someone who's just starting to go off piste more.

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I have the 2011 Sir Francis Bacons. They look good and ski better is my opinion on them, beautiful in powder, crud, spring corn, and off-piste in any condition. This years ones seem to be good as well probably better as the years go on. 

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