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Boot help

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So i am new here on the forums, but not new to skiing. I've been skiing for probably about 12 years and I consider myself in the advanced category. I have recently decided to get a new pair of boots and have been fitted professionally for the rossignol experience sensor3 120 and the lange super blaster. Both are a perfect fit so i was just wondering if anyone has had experience with these boots as far as performance wise, and which one they like. By the way, I ski mostly front face and groomed runs, and i am going back to my shop in a couple days to purchase so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Welcome to EpicSki!  Where are you going to use those new boots?  Do you have your own skis?

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I have a pair of salomon x wing tornadoes and I ski mostly in the northeast. I ski mostly the north east. anywhere in Michigan, Indiana, all the way up to vermont.

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