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ryan, you AWAKE?

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Your boys did pretty well today.
Eddie and Pedro had a pretty good day as well. We'll see about tommorow.
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I noticed. It'd be nice to put together a decent showing. Love this circuit. Also, you might've seen on one of the sites, Michael reminiscing about Spa, but without reference to the incident with David OR...

The Pass.

(C'mon, it's been a thin year, and my driver's retired. I gotta find SOMEthing.)
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ryan just wondering if you are starting to feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football away...time after time.
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No, actually not. (And, DUDE, you forgot your "ponies will prance" line. You ill?)
Teams and drivers are up and down, season to season. This has always been the case. The red team has excelled mechanically, as well as strategically, and they have excellent drivers. (I love to say this; Michael types always get their collective panties in a wad when you don't say "The Greatest.") I enjoy the sport of it; I respect drivers and teams who just don't have the stuff (usually $$$) but who continue to show up (Eddie? Hello, Eddie?) and grind it out.
Also, when younger drivers start putting it together and moving up in the field, gaining confidence. That's good to see.
I confess to missing seeing MIka drive, and he and Michael battling it out.
Regardless, though, a great sport that I really enjoy learning more about.
So, no, don't feel at all like Charlie B. I had a pretty good sense this year we'd be doing more punting than field goal-kicking anyway. Slatz, as you know, McTeam has had fair results ALL YEAR when it comes to practice. But practice ain't much when it can't get you into the first couple rows.
Here's to a GREAT race.
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Originally posted by SLATZ:
Your boys did pretty well today.
Eddie and Pedro had a pretty good day as well. We'll see about tommorow.
At first I thought he was talking about the Sox.

[ August 30, 2002, 09:47 AM: Message edited by: irul&ublo ]
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Whaddaya say, Blo'r? A's in 4? Jason WHO? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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At the moment, the A's are looking pretty damn tough.
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ryan, it was a poke in the ribs, not intended to raise your bp.
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yes, yes, i've been told i'm "vewwy vewwy sensitive" lately. i say too much coffee. tryin' to get a handle on things.
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Yes, "the pass", awsome. Gotta hand it to Mika on that one. As far as David, it looked like a bonehead move on his part.
I can't get over our chauvanism on our US sports. Everyone thinks Tiger is the highest paid athlete and the Super Bowl is the largest TVaudience. The world wide F-1 audience is twice the Super Bowl on any weekend and, last I heard, Michael makes 40+ million more than Tiger.
We'll see how it goes this afternoon. I'd like to see Eddie do well. I just can't get excited about Juan Pablo.
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Kimi almost pulled it out. It's kind of amazing that Michael has all the luck.
It's gotta be tough to have to get up at 4:00 AM to watch. When I was at summer camp the cook, who had the computor, got up then. He would boot it up and wake me so that I could follow on-line. I lucked out the day of the race and didn't have to do warm up. That way I got to follow for the first half hour.
We'll see what tommorow will bring. Some of the guys are coming to my house. It's only 6:30 here.
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An interesting race (particularly since it was lunch time here when it started!)
Good to see Eddie getting a point. and there's rumours that he may be involved with Jordan next season, now that they've secured Ford engines, which hopefully won't let go the way the Honda's did today.
It was also reported that the 2003 Ferrari is even better than this year's - now that they've won this season, they are fully focused on next year. When will McLaren or Williams be back seriously challenging?

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Actually there were some pretty good fights back in the pack. The TV showed them for a change.
There's always the chance someone will break through.
Next race (Monza)is tape delayed by ABC here in the US. That means I won't have to make another batch of Bloody Mary mix this season
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If you want, I could spoil it for you, and post a live commentary?

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Actually I usually follow the live commentary on Formula 1.com. The good part of that is I know what to look for on the tape. I couldn't wait to find out 6 or 7 hours after.
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Here's an idea:
I could give my own "live" commentary in the chatroom!

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Going back to the money thing, Michael just became sports first billionaire which is nice, I think Tiger still has a way to go but has an age advantage! Don't know if his body will be able to stand up to the punishment that he puts it through for very long though. Someone said that Tiger Woods' caddy is the highest paid sportsman in New-Zealand ever which is quite funny and somehow depressing all at the same time.
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Where do you get that info? I haven't seen any for over a year now. Lots of people here think Tiger is number one. Last I heard Tiger was third behind some baseball(20 mins of boredom squeezed into 2 hours) player. Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw: RACING because football, basketball,baseball and golf only require ONE ball.
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