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Personal Timing for training..

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Hey everyone,

I remember a couple years back I saw a little gadget maybe in reliable racing's catalogue. It was a little timer that you put on your skis, and you buried a couple of magnets at the top and the bottom of a course or whatever. It would be used for gate training, and ski testing. I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore though.. Does anyone know what I'm talking about, and maybe even know where I could get one?

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I'm pretty sure it was made by Holmenkohl, or at least marketed by them. From what I can remember, the setup for alpine racing was somewhere near $1000 because you had to have two sensors to bury in the snow. Seemed a bit pricy for a system that could only be used by one skier.

Hanhart makes a stopwatch that can use external triggering devices, and Brower makes wireless systems.

I picked up a Brower track and field wireless system off of eBay awhile back for $150 that works most of the time. Like most wireless systems I've seen, it gets a lot of false triggers and isn't the most reliable method of timing, but it beats hand timing for large groups.
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So I sent reliable racing an email to see if they remembered the product.. Here's the response I got:

The device you are looking for is called the Crossbar timing system. You are correct in that the timer attached directly to the ski and a magnet assembly was buried under the snow at the start and at the finish. Skiing over the magnet would start and stop the timer.
The inherent problems with this system are as follows.

1. The magnetic must be properly aligned for correct operation. Pole placement of the magnets is critical.
2. The range or distance between the timer and the magnetic is limited. You must not bury the magnet too deep.
3. You must pass over the magnetic. A marker of some kind to delineated the magnetic position is a must/
4. The accuracy of the timer has been questioned. This has to do with the time base and other components used in manufacturing the timer.
I guess that's that.. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has actually seen / used one of these. Who knows, maybe it's not that bad..
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