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Is This Good Gear for a Newbie Telemarker

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Hello all,


I'm an intermediate/advanced Alpine skier currently making the transition to Telemark.  I took some tele lessons and rented demo equipment (Rossignol Yama's which I had a lot of fun with) last year, and very much enjoyed having freedom in the heels.  That said, the rental fees came down pretty hard on my student budget, and so I'm currently trying to buy some inexpensive preowned gear to use while I continue practicing.


Today, I bought a pair of boots and skis with bindings off of Craigslist for $165 total, which seemed like a pretty good deal to me.  If you folks don't mind, I would really appreciate your input as to whether or not this is good starter gear... of if I perhaps got ripped off.  Here's what I got, with photos:


Skis: Rossignol Scratch FS (I think the 2003 model year)



Bindings: Rottefella Cobra



Boots: Garmont Ener-G




My primary concern is that the skis - which are twin-tip freeride alpine skis - won't be very good for practicing tele-turns or carving.  They're also not in the best of shape, with rust on the edges and some scratches on the bottoms.  Should I perhaps sell these skis on eBay and find something more beginner-friendly?  If so, I would very much appreciate it if you folks could recommend some Tele skis that would work well for a beginner like me, and which I might be able to find used :D


Many thanks!


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BIggest deal is the boots. If they fit, you're good. The skis and bindings are fine. A tune will do them wonders. Are you out east?

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The Rossi Scratch made a pretty nice tele ski, I know a few people who used them out here.  I always loved the graphic on the black ones.  Get a Stone Grind and a full tune on them and call it good.   The Boots are very good....  If they are the right size and the liners aren't so spent that they can't support your legs.  I have used a pair of those boots for many years and they are still going strong with a custom footbed, a Booster Strap, and a pair of Intuition Power-Wrap liners.  Those binding will work, but are prone to breakage.  I would use them until they break or you start to notice how loose and crappy they are compared to a Hammerhead or an O1.  



Just looked at the pics.  Love that set-up.  I like the graphic on those skis same as the black ones only red.  The whole thing is color co-ordinated.  That's importantwink.gif.  Make sure and get some leashes for those skis before you start riding lifts.  Don't use the leashes if you go BC though.

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Awesome, thanks a lot for the input!  I am indeed out East, and like you said Teton I definitely value the color-coordination :-D  


Do you guys really think freestyle skis like these will be good for someone who mainly just sticks to high-speed vanilla skiing down resort pistes like me though?  I kind of figured that I might be better off with something like the Rossignol Yama's I demoed.  I also found some K2 Totally Piste's on offer at a pretty reasonable price.

If you guys think these will work well though, that would be awesome, they definitely represent the path-of-least-expense!

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Is the Totally Piste the black ski with the flames on it?  I had those when they were cutting edge about 15? years ago.  They should be VERY reasonably priced.  I skied mine for several seasons then they sat in the garage for many years and then I finally donated them to the thrift shop, still in decent condition because no one around wanted them and the ski swap wouldn't take them.  I think the wind chime at the Thunder lift might be my old skis with the Rotti binding.  I would stick with what you have.  I like twin tips for off piste skiing and use them on groomers when I need to.  If you want a ski with more bite, look for a deal on a used alpine ski that you like and mount that.  I think the last tele specific ski I used was the Totally Piste.


Have fun

Don't spend money if you don't need to.

How are the boots fitting?

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