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Help! Best skis for petite female?

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Finally going to give up my old-style straight skis!  Okay, now that you've had a good chuckle & eye-roll - if u have any suggestions on what specs I should be looking for or specific ski recommendations would be much appreciated!  Here's the deets:


I'm petite - 5'3


I'm a light weight - 100 lbs


Typically ski east coast (Tremblant).


I'm fairly advanced, but not expert.  (I'll ski black diamonds, but shy away from double blacks and steep mogals.)


I typically stay on-piste and don''t go in the trees too much.


I usually ski fast.  On the groomed blues I ski aggressively, but I get timid when it comes to mogals - a goal of mine to improve this.


Sadly, I don't live near a ski resort, so don't get out that often.  I try to get in 3-4 extended-weekend ski trips per season.


Skis I'm considering (in order) are:

- Volkl Sol (Height: 151)

- Dynastar exclusive Idyll (Height: 146 - 152)

- K2 Free luv

- Dynastar Active



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Welcome to EpicSki!  How long were you skiing on straight skis?  I was only an intermediate on straight skis quite a while back.  Then didn't ski much when I was working.  Have been having a good time on shaped skis the last 10 years or so.  I'm also a petite woman.  My all-mountain ski is the Rossi Attraxion 8 at 154.


You might get some ideas from this thread:



Of course, the standard question is . . . what is the status of your boots?  Are they as old as your last pair of skis?  A lot has changed in women's boots too.

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Hi and welcome. I'm new to EpicSki too. Like you, I'm a petite advanced skier who also skis at Tremblant. I'm shorter than you so kind of aim for about 146 in length (which limits the number of possible skis). I've demoed the Free Luvs and while I liked them quite a lot, I HATED the graphics. Could hardly stand to look at them while sitting on the chair!


For the past four years or so I've been on Rossignol Attraxion VI. Really really loved that ski - great in everything Tremblant could throw at me, but they finally died from overuse! Now, based on some very strong recommendations from other women, I've bought the Dynastar Idyll - pretty similar in size to the Rossi, though a bit wider under foot and with some rocker. Tried these without demoing as I simply couldn't find them anywhere around here – in fact the Dynastar rep at a Tremblant demo day last year had never heard of them.


Got them for a good price so I figure if I hate them, I can sell them. Got them online and just picked them up last week. Can't wait to try them.

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Also, do a search on the Blizzard Black Pearls.............. Women are luvin this ski everywhere...............

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