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What size E88?

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Want to get E88 as an "everyday" ski and save the DPS 112 RP's for the obvious....  ski the 112's in a 174...


I'm an advanced, but certainly not expert skier...  6'0" and 165 when wet!  54 yrs. old and ski 10-12 days per yr.  Because of the pronounced sidecut of the E88's, would one want to err on the shorter side vs longer because the ski has a longer edge built-in?


Any advice from E88 owners would be great...  have only demo'd in 170 since that was all they had at the time...

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I'm 5'9" and 190#'s and ski on e88's in 178cm length. Im 42 and like you say advanced but no expert. The skis work great, they turn fairly quick and hold a good carved turn. I haven't had the chance to use in them any powder yet.

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