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Stowe shooting snow, 10/13/12

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Stowe spun up their snowmaking system last night, and it worked perfectly, according to reports. If you haven't heard, Stowe dumped a huge chunk of change on upgrading their snowmaking system this summer. The really important part of this was the system around the base areas. They were able to successfully blow snow at 32 degrees. This is huge, because Stowe's lift system runs entirely from the bases, meaning in order to open, they need to be able to open top to bottom. No upper mountain lift turning with a download at the end of the day. Stowe's opening day is set for November 17th.

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I wasn't aware of that - nice to hear.  Stowe is one of my favorite mountains but I haven't been for years now.  


Just checked their site - a season pass is $1,653!  And after Oct 30 it goes up to $2,056!  Holy cow!

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Did anybody go last week to the passholders event?  Saw pictures on their FB page - it looked pretty good, but would be curious to hear from people who actually went - how was it?

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