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I like to ski from first chair until 4 or 5 (depending on when it starts getting dark). I've never been much of a fan of night skiing, especially since Meadows, OR, doesn't have much terrain open for night skiing. So 3 hours of driving for 6-7 hours of skiing.

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Since I live in a resort, I try to get out 3-4 hours when the conditions are really good.  Will ski a full day (8-3pm) when friends are visiting.

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Used to be the first run to last run kind of skier. Then I gradually evolved into the "quality not quantity" kind of skier. If you're a gaper you can be there all day but get six runs in, between traversing cat tracks and getting lost and constant stopping. So hours on the slope doesn't equate to feet of vertical or quality of runs. If the conditions are great I'll ski all day. If the crowds suck I'll sneak off to a secret glade or powder stash and get a few good runs in, Being in the Colorado front range means you don't want to be caught in the day skier I-70 gridlock - so that also factors in when you arrive/leave the hill unless you are staying at the resort. Speaking of, if I'm staying at a resort I will knock off early before the bars get too crowded or the hot tub fills up.

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I did not ski even one hour today. Most days are like that.

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Depends...A great powder day 3-6 hours nonstop...a  crappy icy day 1-2 runs.  A bluebird day with friends 4 hours.  On average though, I would say 9-1 non stop and then the bar.

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Unless there are amazing conditions and I get up early to get some fresh powder, I don't get to the lifts until 9:30 if I'm honest, and tend to ski until 2:30 or 3pm, without breaks (perhaps a quick hot chocolate to warm up if it's a cold day). I'm happy to get back to the lodgings before the crowds start hogging the hot water for showers. It used to be that I could stay out 8:30-4, and then go for some apres action, but now I'm a lady of a certain age and need my beauty rest... ;)  

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60-90 days @ 4-5 hrs a day. Give or take a beer break or 2.
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Couple qualifications as dave_SSS makes a good point about that, extra information is needed for the answers to be at all comparable against each other:


-I live in a city that has a lift serviced hill within city limits (10 minute drive)

-There are good mountain resorts within 60-90 minute drive and one world class one (Lake Louise) about 2.5-ish hours drive.  Even more choice if I want to do a multi-day trip to someplace further away but I very rarely do that.

-I don't buy passes.  It works out better, for me, to buy one or two of the frequent skier value cards at the local resorts.  Those give discounts on tickets to the other surrounding resorts as well.  It's cheaper or near same price as a single season pass but I'm not tied down/don't feel obligated to patronize one particular place a whole lot.



------ So:


Three to four hours is best for me.  An afternoon at one of the mountains or 2-3 hours of what I'll call exercise and occasional technique training at the little local hill.  I don't do well with a full early morning to late afternoon day.  Get too tired, last runs can drag even if my legs are holding up well, and I really don't feel safe driving after a full day like that. 

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This year I have been teaching my daughter so we typically last 5 hours. Depending on how cold it is we normally ski 2 hours eat lunch at lodge and then ski another couple hours before heading home. I have taken her at night as our resort is open till 930 on weekdays and those days are dependent on her tiring out. If I keep her out too long she is wiped out for next two days which wife dislikes. I wish we had a world class ski area near I would probably ski more days. Skiing same 2-3 minute runs get a little old.

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Wow... it totally depends.

If it's nice I might ski 9AM-10-pm. If they are running the guns, I might wait until after lunch for the snow to dry out. If it's crowded, I might ski from 9AM-1PM, skip the crowds, and start back at 5PM when it starts to harden and people flee the scary snow. If it's a work day, I might ski 7PM-10PM. Every day is different.

I didn't buy a season pass so I could ski whenever I wanted. I bought a season pass so I could not ski whenever I wanted. biggrin.gif
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I think quantity is best measured by vertical. Vertical per day has changed surprisingly little for me over the years. 


Hours per day are probably down some since the 1980's due to faster lifts and fewer lines.  


The Mammoth season pass and retirement have definitely moved the emphasis more to quality than quantity.  So I may ski less on the  mediocre days, but it's easier to push over 30K when it's really good due to the new lifts and better conditioning when you're skiing 60 days a season instead of 30.


...that was unusually (perhaps even impossibly) wise in protecting their body while young and stupid. 

In my case, I was so klutzy at sports in my youth I never had the opportunity to have acute or even wear-and-tear injuries then.:rotflmao: 


I say that ski equipment is still improving faster than I'm aging.  I'm 61 and I see lots of retirees out there doing more than I am.

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Skied Vail the past 6 days 8:30- 3:30 every day but one when I had to quit early due to some job issues. Took about a 30-40 min lunch and somedays about 10-15 min. Break about 2- 2:30.

That second afternoon break really helps me make it to last lift. Average vertical skied was 34,000- 35,000 ft (per Epic Mix). Skied mostly groomers 75 percent bumps the rest. Thought I skied pretty hard until I overheard a guy in the ski shop tell his friend they did 40,000 ft. That day.

He was at least 10 years older than me.
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if i eat breakfast

if i hydrate correctly

if i pop 2 alleve (double recomended)

I can ski 25k vert of powder for 2 days, 9 to 3

That 3rd day though not sure about things, as the lower back protests and energy level is sketchy

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The vert record at Whitefish was broken/reset last year by a guy cranking out near 50k every day. He's easily over 50 years old, not sure if over 60, I'll have to ask. Read about it on another guy's blog. http://northernrockiesview.com/2013/04/08/the-vert-top-10-of-2013/

By the way, these vert records are captured by mountain pass scanning. My experience is they miss about ten percent of actual.
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When you chase the vert record, I wonder if skiing ceases to be fun after awhile? 

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Tony is "taking it easy" this year... Only number two. But, yeah, I agree, and several past winners have said it felt like a job.
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There are a couple of guys here at Bachelor that compete for the vert record each season. I often spot one of them doing lap after lap on the same long run even when there's a ton of fresh snow all over the place. It's definitely not something I'd want to do but I suppose it fulfills something for them. Makes me scratch my head though.

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Originally Posted by Toecutter View Post

When you chase the vert record, I wonder if skiing ceases to be fun after awhile? 

It would for me, I like to go all over the place and ski off trail as much as I can. It maybe that they find fun in the competition of it.
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Originally Posted by tomfifield View Post

It would for me, I like to go all over the place and ski off trail as much as I can.


Same here.

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Typically, I ski and train hard for 4-5 hrs in the morning. I can and have skied all day even after that, but quality starts to suffer. If I pace myself, I can ski all day for 7-8 hrs.

For a day trip, I start my day at 5 am and be back home by 4-5 pm, which includes 6 hours of back and forth commute to a nearest ski mountain.
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For me it all depends on who I'm skiing with.  Typical family day with the wife and two kids (9 & 6) I can get maybe 20 runs in on a very short hill in five hours.  On a day without the kids maybe 30/35 runs in over the same period of time in four hours.  Where I ski the longest run is about a quarter mile long so I can get a lot of laps in but not much vertical.  

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Me too' it depends upon who I am with.  I have a pass to the ski area on Hood that is the longest drive from my home as it offers the kind of skiing I like, it takes me about 45 minuets or so to get there. I work nights so that I can ski when I want, I do most of it midweek. Most days I go with friends and we ski hard nonstop until about 1:30PM, go home and get some sleep before work; unless it is so good we can't leave. The longest trail there is 3 miles long and there are a number of long ways down, many of them depending upon who I am with I ski nonstop. On trips we ski all day, but take a lunch break. The most ski trips I have taken in one year is 85 days, I am not getting that many days in now. So far this year there have been very few powder days and the best places are closed due to lack of snow, so I have done a ton of front side trail skiing, other wise we ski off trail and back country. PRAY FOR SNOW!

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Oh my wife comes with us often, she can keep up with most people, so it is sort of funny when someone makes a face when I tell them I will be skiing with her.

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usually at least 5-6 sometimes up to 9 to 11 hours though including nordic skiing. 

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yes thank you for the photoshop!! 

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Originally Posted by Josh Matta View Post

up to 9 to 11 hours

But it's Stowe, so that's really like 24 hours a day, especially when the guns are weather proofing the trails with fresh powder wink.gif
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Originally Posted by NayBreak View Post

But it's Stowe, so that's really like 24 hours a day, especially when the guns are weather proofing the trails with fresh powder wink.gif



well we do open at 7:30 and sometime I take last lift with skins at the end of the day. 


I am not sure anyone else in the country open to general public at 7:30.....

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