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I am not sure if you would call skydiving a sport but I did it for the first time this summer in CA and I think that I fell in love with it almost as much as I have fallen in love with skiing. I just started skiing two winters ago and I love it and cannot get enough of it and I love to hike during the summer as well but I think that sky diving will eventually turn into my new hobby. I went tandem and it freaked the heck out of me stepping out of that plane at 14,000 feet but the rush and the adrenaline was amazing.


Why do I have to pick the hobbies that are so expensive?

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I know what you mean...every bit as addicting as skiing pow.  I started in college learning static line and eventually starting doing solo freefalls.  I ran out of money after about 15 jumps and unfortunately I never picked it up again. 

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