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Been wanting to add a powder ski and I know with the Sickle being 110 underfoot it isn't a perfect ski for a dedicated powder ski but from the reviews I have read it is a killer ski.  I own Line Prophet 100, Line Influence 105 and Blizzard Bonafide and would like to have a powder ski.  I was all set on getting the Atomic Automatic with the Marker Schizo, which would be my ultimate powder rig, but when I called my local ski shop and had him price it out I got sticker shock.  I can get a new unused pair of last years model Rossi Sickle and Marker Schizo's for about $400 less than the Automatic/Schizo setup.  Just wondering if anybody uses the Sickle as a powder specific ski?  From what I have read I might end up using it for more than just that.  I have plenty of skis and though I don't really need another one it is always fun to have options.