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EpicSki 24 hours of Stratton Team?!

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I've already started to line up a work team!



To all Masters Racers,


For all of you that will NOT be going to Nationals this year we have a great event going on that weekend at Stratton called the “24 Hours of Stratton”. March 23-24, 2013 the first annual 24 Hours of Stratton event will take place. You can get all the details on the Stratton website at www.stratton.com/24 but here is a brief explanation.


  1. This event was designed for everybody (Kids, Parents & Grandparents).


  1. This is a team event. A team consists of a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12 people. Each team gets one bib. Only people with a bib are allowed out on the hill so only one person from each team will be skiing at any one time. When that person needs a break, they ski down to the transition area, pass the bib off to their teammate and off they go. This cycle repeats for 24 hours from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday.


  1. There are multiple ways to win this event.


3A) The grand prize winner is the team that raises the most money. FYI – We are raising money for the Stratton Foundation. The grand prize is 4 people / 4 day heli skiing trip with CMH in Revelstoke BC. See the website for all the details.

3B) We will also have prizes for most vertical skied in the following categories:


                                -A team

                                -Individual Male

                                -Individual Female

                                -Individual Male (15 & Under)

                                -Individual Female (15 & Under)


3C) When you register you are committing to raise a minimum of $250 for the Stratton Foundation. If you raise $500 you will get a great T-shirt. If you raise $1,000 you will get an awesome sweatshirt. If you raise $2,500 you will get a super sweet 24 Hours of Stratton soft shell jacket from Beyond X.


  1. To register for the 24 Hours of Stratton, one person (The team captain) must go online to http://www.active.com/winter-sports/stratton-mtn-vt/24-hours-of-stratton---2013 and create the team. Once the team has been created all other team members can go to the same site and register as a participant on an existing team.


4A) When you register you must have an account with active.com. If you do not have one, you can easily create one at the site listed above. It is for free. If you already have an active.com account you can sign in with that login.

4B) When you register you will be asked for your credit card info and they will charge you $1 which will get credited to your $250 minimum (Only $249 to go). Each participant is committing to raising a minimum of $250. If you have not raised the $250 by March 20, 2013 your credit card will be charged the balance. If you raise the $250 it won’t cost you anything to participate in this incredible event. Hopefully everyone will raise even more than the $250.      

4C) Once you have completed your registration, a donation page will have automatically been set up for you. You will see a link that will allow you to view your page. You have the ability to customize this page. I will be honest, active.com is NOT the most user-friendly software when it comes to the customizing of pages. Sorry, nothing I can do about that.

4D) You are now ready to begin your fundraising. Send an e-mail to everybody you know (family, friends, clients, business associates etc.) telling them you are participating in the 24 Hours of Stratton. Tell them to go to www.active.com/donate/stratton24 and they will be at the screen below. Tell them to type in your last name, click on “Search” and they will be taken to your donation page. This is where they can donate to you.



This is going to be a super fun and unique event. There is no other event anywhere like it in the lower 48. Mont Tremblant has been doing this for 11 years. Last year they had 2,200 athletes participate and they raised $1,800,000 in one day. I don’t expect to get near that this year (maybe next year). They have been doing this for 11 years but you have to start somewhere and we are starting this year. Hopefully you will all be able to join us and be in on the ground floor of what is sure to become a spectacular annual event. See you all soon.


Alan Bushell



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I'm not in the area or a racer, but I'd love to see something come of this.  

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

I'm not in the area or a racer, but I'd love to see something come of this.  

No need to be a racer, I think it will just be a rather chill event! We're planning a 6 person team w a group here, but I'd love to see more folks come out!!
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