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Toronto SKI Show 2012

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I attended the opening evening of the Toronto Ski 2012 October 11 and had a good time.  Very few manufacturer were directly represented , but one of which was Fischer (thru association with Skiis and Biikes).  Overall the show was on par with what has been offered in the last few year, which when considering the current economic conditions, is actually pretty good.


If one is willing to hunt for the deals there are very good deals to be had from the various shops in the Greater Toronto Area along with the Canadian Ski Patrol Swap Shop (which is mostly clearing of new old stock and very little used equipment at least in the first day, but you have to know what you are buying here).


Ski resorts appeared to also be offering very good deals at the show for both Resorts in Canada and USA , East and West.


Sorry for the poor and few Pic's, kids in tow.






Gotta like the snowboard graphics......sheep with teeth    or     Kitten with hippo teeth.


Now if we only get lots of snow......I want to ski.

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Thanks for posting :) Toronto has a really vibrant skiing scene, which people may not expect at first given the calibre of skiing in the GTA. I have to say, the Toronto show was 10x better than last year's Vancouver show... hopefully the Vancouver show steps up this year.

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