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Any road bikers here?

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For those of you that are road bikers:
I've mtn biked off and on for 3 or 4 years now and have never really enjoyed it that much. I do like road biking (live w/ it mtn bikers ANy one road bike here or use it to cross trian for skiing? Which bike do you use. I was looking at some Treks- maybe the 2000 or the 2200 rd. bike? Are they much better than the Trek 1000. If I do buy a rd. bike it prob. won't be until next summer unless a good deal comes up in the winter, but I was curious to see what others thought. Oh yeah- any prefrences on a steel frame vs. an aluminum frame? Thx.
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Have you checked out RoadBike review.com? I know there are lots of folks here who ride road bikes, and can give some good opinions, but there are more roadies than you can shake a sh!##y stick at over at roadbike review. You can also get good deals on some pretty nice used road bikes in their classifieds.

Also be sure to check out the other threads here about road bikes and especially fitting. I was seriously thinking about getting a road bike this past spring, and did a bunch of fitting and demo riding at local shops. I ended up deciding I like mountain biking better, and upgraded the bejeezus out of my mountain bike rather getting a road ride. I have a hard tail turned commuter that I use for riding on pavement and to work.
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kb1dqh - I answered your post on Powdermag (Spelling police), but here's more info. I don't know about the Trek models you mentioned, but Lemond makes some great frames in both steel and aluminum. Also, check out the Scattante frames (and complete bikes) from www.supergo.com. They are very inexpensive and have received good reviews.

I can't streess enough the importance of going through a fitting procedure. You can do one online at www.wrenchscience.com, or a good local bike shop can fit you.

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Gill- thx for all the helpon both forms. I'll check out both those sites.
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I'm on the same Specialized Allez Comp I've been on for five years. Sweet. Great for cross-training. Don't know much about Trek's line, other than I sure seem to see a lot of 'em out there.
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Trek makes a pretty decent road bike, but I would watch out for the super-stiff Alu framed models.

Steel frames are the best bargain, in terms of both comfort and durability. Reynolds 853, True Temper OX, Dedacciai Uno, Columbus Foco -- all are good quality steel tubing types. My understanding from steel frame building gurus is that the stiffest (in terms of feeling like the rough ride of Alu) is the Reynolds 853, but that the margin or variation of "stiffness" is pretty slim among all those I mentioned, and truly depends more on the tubing shape and wall thickness.
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I don't really road bike myself. But my ex-boyfriend was a professional cyclist on the US national team. He had many different bikes, but most of them were Specialized brand. In fact I think all of them were Specialized brand. I know that must be a good brand, because he was a spoiled rich kid who always bought the best of everything. I am sure that like all other brands Specialized makes some really nice bikes and some crappy ones too. It all depends on how much you want to spend.
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