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JH Trip 2012 or 13

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Ive been living in southeastern Wyoming for a while, and have been to Jackson twice, unfortunately both times in the summer. This last summer I took the tram ride and did some hiking around the top (basically to check out corbets and S&S). Now... I have to ski it! I'll probably only have the opportunity to ski one day between work and school, hopefully be able to hang around for an extra day and possibly check out the lift maintenance department. 

I'm looking for two answers in this post, Is there any way to procure discount tickets? And what are the must do runs/ or activities in Jackson? 

I'm definitely planning on visiting the snake river brewery again, great beer, and their salty pizza was amazing!

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I understand it is virtually impossible to get discounted tickets at JH.  Perhaps if you are a PSIA member you might get a few bucks off.


Must do runs:


  1. Toilet Bowl
  2. Tower 3 Chute
  3. Redevous Bowl to Hobacks
  4. Expert Chutes
  5. Alta Chutes
  6. Tensleep Bowl
  7. Northwoods
  8. Rock Springs Bowl
  9. Green River Bowl
  10. Casper Bowl


And a bunch of other stuff...



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When I went there I made my reservations through Jackson Hole Central Reservations, and had my tickets included as a package deal. Don't know how much that knocked off (if anything), but I think it's about as good of a discount as you're going to find. Still worth every last penny, though!

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I'm very partial to Jackson.  If you are in college, I think you can get a college pass.  There are great deals through Jackson Hole Central Reservations.

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