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Lost 50 lbs, ski length question

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So, I lost a ton of weight riding my bike a ton of miles. I bought a pair of 184 2012 Kendos at the end of the year when I was 215. I am 165 now and worry that I got em too big. I am an aggressive skier and have spent a number of years skiing Vail on so thin 194 Volkls. I didn't get a chance to ski them at all last year, and I live on the east coast now. Should I ebay them and try to downsize? Or will I be fine? I put a pair of Marker Griffins on them. Thanks
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Forgot to mention that ism 5-8 and my legs are like rocks now from all the riding.
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Forgot to mention that ism 5-8 and my legs are like rocks now from all the riding.
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Forgot to mention that ism 5-8 and my legs are like rocks now from all the riding.
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You may be OK on the Kendos but you may be NOT OK with your current boots.

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First congrats on the weight loss.


You can still ski on your 184's but you may find them now harder to manuver now you ditched a small child off your back.  If you maintain your current weight, you would have alot of fun in some 170's.  You could do 177 if you have float issues in the side/backcountry but I doubt you will.

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You'll be fine on the 184, might find that you need a stronger body though.....go hit the gym.

I went from 235 too 185, worked hard at the gym and added some more muscle over the summer, Getting quite ripped. Over time you'll adapt to the longer skis and stiffer feeling boots.
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Nice job getting healthier!  I wouldn't worry about it adversely affecting your skiing at all.  Many of us older folks skied much longer and more demanding skis in the past.  I was skiing 195s back in high school weighing in at a whopping 110 pounds.  I've bounced around to various sizes and shapes in both body and skis since them with little change in results on the mountain.  You'll find that your ski technique and muscle memory will work just as well or better at your new size/shape as it did last season.  If anything, you'll find that shedding a few pounds up top frees up more resources to turn more demanding skis instead of the opposite.

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Great job!


I'm 5'9" and 150, down from 165 a few years ago.  I notice that skis don't flex for me the way they seem to for bigger folks.  So, it depends on how you want to ski.  Long skis tend to be stiffer and take more work to turn in short radius.  Personally, I find longer models not just more work, but less fun.  Also, some voice in the back of my mind suggests that longer skis are less safe in crashes.


Given that your skis will be "pre-owned" on the market regardless, might as well try them out before possibly selling them.  The more different skis you can try out, the better your decision will be.  I suspect a lot of things about skiing will be different for you this year.

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Thanks for the responses! I feel 100x better now than I did at 215. My cardio is through the roof now. Last year, I would be wiped out by lunch and call it a day. Now, I doubt that will be an issue. I got to thinking about my brand new skis/boot because I don't own a stitch of clothing that fits me anymore and have had to buy a whole new wardrobe...in bits and pieces. Just bought a new suit for a wedding after the tailor told me it would be almost $200 to alter my suit... So, I got scared that I out shrank my skis. Didn't help that the kid at the ski shop put the fear of god into me saying that 184 would be way too much ski for me. I guess, since they aren't technically "new" anymore, I should ski them a few times and just figure out if they work. I like a stiff ski, have always skied stiff planks, so I kinda expect that I'll be ok. Going to the boot fitter again to see if he thinks I need an adjustment. Thanks again! Chris
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Congrats on the weight loss! 


I'm not familiar with the ski, but I know when I go from shorter skis to longer skis of the same style (race stock SL to race stock GS), the longer ones make me work harder and are less forgiving.  It isn't too much for me, it is just different.  Like going from a Jetta to an Xterra.  You just need to make some adjustments and know that they both behave differently.  With that, I have a race friend who is about 5'6 and in the 165 to 170 range.  His "Short" ski is a 183 Fischer race stock GS hole ski.  He skis a lot, all day long and turns 60 this year.  He only skis race stock skis.


The thing you might want to be more worried about than your skis, is your boots.  I understand that your foot didn't shrink, but I bet it isn't as wide or at least not a "full".  You might want to try your boots on.  I'm currently going through a similar process for weight loss.  Not quite half as much as you; 21# so far.  5'7" and 157# and today for the first time in almost 15 years, I bought 32's (there are 36's in my closet)!  So I'm going through my snow pants to see what will still work and already planned on seeing a boot fitter anyway.  One of the things I'm looking forward to doing is being able to bend down and undo my binding with my hand and not have to use a ski pole.


Another thought on the sell or keep for the skis - put them on the market.  If you get what you want for them, nothing ventured nothing gained.  Use that money to get your size.  If the shop you bought them from is local, maybe see if you can work a deal with them for a size smaller.  Maybe a consignment deal?


best of luck.


Have fun,


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I weigh 165, am taller than you, would find 184 Kendos a handful to bend. Obviously, having strong thighs helps, but that'll just mean you're using your muscles to bend the ski instead of your mass. And weight aside, 184 is pretty far to the tips for someone your height. So personally, I'd ditch the skis and buy myself a present for that hard work. My .02. 

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