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A Perfect 10(th)?

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Looking like Michael will get that 10th win this weekend.
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considering laying a no-brainer bet on him to do so while in vegas this weekend.
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Considering he's promised to help Rubens to
win second spot in the overall standings...
But even Michael will not be able to overthrow
Rubens bad luck (Donald Duck syndrome...)
Unless he's dealt with it himself, Michael won't
be able to help him there...
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The horse will prance!
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I wonder, if it comes down to it, if Michael will move over for Rubins or go for the tenth win?
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Well, here's a new name, and he's from about 5 miles from where I'm typing this...
Anthony Davidson, from Hemel Hempstead. He's replaced Alex Young in Minardi for a bit.
I don't expect him to win, but hey, it's a new name for Michael to lap!

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Well, an interesting race.
Team orders came into play after the second pit stop. It was a bit cheeky of Michael just making the point that he could have raced faster if the team had let him by putting in that new lap record at the end, but still it was a bit of fun.
And Jordan have got Ford engines for next season, now let's see how it goes.

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