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New skis for my son

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We ski eastern PA (bear creek, and Elk) with 2-3 weekends to VT this year, maybe 20 days a year and he loves to ski first to last chair.  He is 13 yo at 5' and 95lbs.  Last year during a tour of Mt Snow, Killington and Okemo he skied most of the double blacks and in the trees, leaving me to meet him at the lift after staying on the groomers.  He likes some small jumps(landing 180's, so twin tips), but not the whole park thing.  last year he had volkl ledge at 148 and I don't think they will be enough this year.  I'm pretty sure no matter what I buy I will be selling it a year or two, so I don't want to spend too much.  I saw some Gotama juniors for $162 but the reviews are not great.  Can anybody recommend something better in the 155-160 range that will allow him to enjoy himself and continue progressing.  Thanks

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Gotama junior wont do, he is at teh point he need a big boy ski. Steals and Deals for this year. Salomon Rocker2 90 and Volkl Kink are two $499 skis that will keep him happy and help him improve his skills. 

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I would look at adult skis at this point and go ahead and buy a bit long.  He will grow and he is a strong enough skier to deal.  To give you perspective my son is 15 and 6 feet tall.  At 13, he was 5'4".  I am 53 years old,  5'2" and I ski a  163 so your son, even though he is light, he can handle something a bit longer without any trouble.  I would definitely go longer than 160.  If you are a Volkl lover, ask yourself what ski you would choose for yourself?  I am a volkl lover and for back east I would probably choose the Kendo for my son.  On the other hand, even though I love Volkl, my son is tall and light for his height so I recently bought him the Blizzard Bushwackers.  They are a mid fat ski with flipcore technology and would be excellent for eastern ski conditions.  In SoCal we tend to ski mostly groomers with some tree skiing and powder days if we get lucky.  I wanted something versatile.  Don't buy a junior ski, he's too advanced a skier and he'll outgrow it too quickly.  Save your money for boots!  Trust me, that will be the big expense over the next few years!

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So we go to the local ski shop tent sale today intent on the atomic panic in a 157.  The sales man was concerned about my son controlling them (due to his weight) and that they might be too much for him.  He talked me into the mini bent chetler in a 153 with some marker 7.0 bindings.  We left them at the shop while we shop for boots at a local boot fitter.  Does anybody have any concerns?  I was really set on the Panic but he made a good point, and talked me into spending $50 less. 

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Billdc - just sent you a PM on the BCs.  Didn't see the context and that you were in PA and VT.  (Totally agree w/ Phil on the Goats.  Avoid.)  

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