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Downsides to an AT boot for 90% resort and 10% BC use?

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Here's my situation:  Advanced skier, 6'2", 250#.  We ski central Idaho, northern Idaho, and southern BC ski resorts -- primarily trees and off-piste.  My skis are DPS 112 hybrids, but I'm due to upgrade boots and bindings.  Would like to be able to dabble in side country and back country skiing a bit, so decided to select boots and bindings that would allow that.  (We have a 7-yr old daughter that skis with us most of the time, so a realistic split of our skiing is probably 90% resort terrain, and 10% backcountry.)  Having been shopping for Marker Dukes and a boot strongly biased toward alpine skiing that has a "walk mode".  Started trying on boots this past weekend with the following boots on my short list:  Lange XT, Tecnica Cochise, Salomon Quest, Atomic Tracker, BD Factor, and the Scarpa Mobe.  Haven't found a Lange or BD in my size (29.5 - 30.0) yet, the Atomic was a horrible fit for my foot, the Salomon Quest 120 fit OK but felt way too soft, and the Tecnica felt great in both fit and flex.  When I got to the Scarpa dealer, they happened to be out of the Mobe, but did have the Maestrale RS.  I hadn't even considered that boot because of its stronger touring bias, but the salesman talked me into trying it on.  Once on, it was immediately apparent that this boot had the fit and flex/feel I was looking for -- nothing else was even a close second.  My question is this: assuming durability is not an issue, what compromises may I be making for my intended use if I go with a boot this light (chosen for showroom floor fit, stiffness, and flex) when compared to the Cochise or Mobe (if the latter has a fit similar to the Maestrale RS) knowing these two are more closely designed for what I had in mind...  My knowledge of boots is lousy, so any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.   

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Interesting.  I sell the Maestrale in Calgary as well as the Mobe and wouldn't have pulled it out for you based on what you've told us here.  The Maestrale is a great touring boot but I'd say on the soft side for piste skiing, however everyone has their preferences.  You ignored Garmont's offerings which are definitely biased I'd say towards piste, but work plenty well for what you are speaking of touring wise and have both a DIN and a separate TEC compatible sole.  We sell them buy the boatload for the purposes you discuss and they are widely used by ski patrol and race course workers for their strength in edging and functional walk mode.


Also I'd say often getting boots that fit well isn't a matter of finding the pair that fits but finding the person to make them fit.  that is what everyone on this forum does.


The Mobe does not fit like the Maestrale and there is a Maestrale RS this season if you decide to go that route and want a stiffer model.



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Thanks for the feedback!  It's actually the Maestrale RS that I had my feet in and really liked.  I put them on expecting a boot too soft and too much flex based on their intended touring use, and found just the opposite, which is fueling my confusion.  When I find a pair of Mobes to try on (or any other crossover boot for that matter), if the fit, feel, and flex is not as good as the Maestrale RS is out of the box for me, why should I consider the heavier boot?   


I've not intentionally ignored Garmont's offerings -- no-one around here seems to carry them.


Point taken about the boot fit and feel, and the use of a good boot-fitter.  Unfortunately every salesman I've encountered to date also claims to be a boot-fitter.  Finding a good, experienced boot-fitter is almost as challenging as wading thru all the boot offerings and finding the right pair of boots.  


Thanks again for your help!

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