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Looking to Add To/ Update the Quiver this Winter

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Hi everyone,

Basically I am in my first year of college at the University of Vermont and need to add a pair or two of skis to get me through these Vermont winters.  Living in Ohio all my life, I currently own a pair of Rossi WC SL's (from '07 I believe, very lightly used though) and a pair of CX80's.  Last season I pretty much skied the Slaloms all year long and loved them.  I used the CX80's the season before and they were fine, but I found myself hating the CX80's every time I tried them last year (it was really weird, not sure if they just had a really crappy tune or what).  For this reason I may just end up getting rid of the CX80's (if anyone is interested let me know).  Back to the real issue at hand though, I will be skiing Vermont all winter and need something fatter than my 68 underfoot race skis and my 80 underfoot frontside carvers.  A little bit about me, I ski at about a level 7 or an 8 depending on the day, ski very aggressively, and love carving medium to long radius turns down groomers (growing up in Ohio certainly had a lot to do with this).  I know that I want something softer and fatter for this season, but I'm not sure how much of either.  Like I said, I ski pretty aggressively and can appreciate a ski that can rail a groomer when I want it too, but I don't want to go too stiff as this ski's primary function would be to handle the soft snow days, some trees and bumps, and whatever else that my other skis couldn't handle.  Now that I'm in VT, I see myself skiing a bit of everything (groomers, steeps, trees, maybe a few bumps here and there).  Also, I'm kind of torn between getting something that's around 88 underfoot vs. 98 underfoot (these seem to be the money numbers).  I'm not sure whether I should go with an east-coast mixed snow ski (like an E88 or MX88) or a west-coast one (like a Bonafide).  I've heard nothing but good about the Bones so those are probably the favorites right now but I am certainly open to any other suggestions (that's why I'm posting).  In addition, if I were able to sell the CX80's for a decent price, I might consider getting another frontside ski with some crud capability (in my dreams an MX78).  So, any suggestions about what I should do for my quiver this year????



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BTW, I plan on demoing as much as I can.  Figured I would save some people their breath.

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Help this poor guy out - I'm curious to read the responses!

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Hey thanks LOL!!!!  Maybe I'll have better luck the second time around.

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maybe if there were a couple of paragrah breaks......

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Not a bad point....

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I just reposted it...this time with some breaks.

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