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Other sport Mag's

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Hey Bear's in light of the Ski Mag Thread I like to find out what is the good summer sports mag are.

Topic's like Camping, Hiking, Biking, and Family Travel. (even Health and Fitness)

Have you read any good ones lately?
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I love Outside. I have the book as well that has some of their best articles. This summer I have spent a good amount of time reading it on the porch.
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I just found my first issue of Outside, I love it.

A friend has the gear issue, very imformative. I didn't know there was so much new tech stuff for camping now.
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I read bridge world (www.thebridgeworld.com I think). But may not be entirely what you are looking for!
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I have a question:
Exactly how would you define a "sports mag", i mean this could mean different things to different people. OK, I'll explain what I mean...

Does buying a magazine with the word "Sport" in its title count?
If so, what about "Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition"? It has some excellent editorial comment.

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Topic's like hiking etc.
I hate to do this....but check out Backpacker
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