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I'm 5'8" 215 lbs 64 y.o. advanced skier and I love my 180cm Bonafides. Bonafides are sold out in a lot of locations, so I would be all over those used ones if the price is decent.

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I am almost exactly your measurements and I am on a 187.  180 will work in a pinch it just depends on whether you like a stable ski or a quicker ski.  

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I've already posted in another thread but again: I'm 5'7", 170 fairly muscular pounds, 57 y.o., advanced skier.  I tried 173 and 180 and, for me, 173 was more maneuverable and fun. It would definitely be the right size for the east. I wouldn't go to 180 unless I was more agressive, fast, and skiing wide open terrain.  I don't think you lose any edge or muscle going shorter, just gain some maneuverabilty.

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So I read this as the 180 can work, but is on the short side of things for me. Since I'm coming off a midget ski at 169, it might be more comfortable for me. I guess the resale value of these things will be good either way, so I reckon I'm buying me some bones!

Thanks for the quick replies. I'll be sure to get some pics and a report when I get a couple days on them!
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Any updates, Vitale232?


I've been reading these various threads trying to determine a potential ski change next year.  I'm 5'11 and 170 lbs.  I have PM Gear 186 Lhasa pows for deeper days and am looking to replace my Mantra's for all around skiing, non-deeper days.  My 177 Mantras are long in the tooth and I'm loving the idea of something I can ski trees, bumps, groomers, crud, etc... but also being rockered so I can use them on smaller powder days.


I'm  really thinking the 180.  But it's funny that all these bonafide threads seem to have either 190-220 pound guys saying the 187 or 150-155 guys saying go with 180. Where are 5'11, 170 lb guys these days?  We're a dying breed apparently.


In summary: I'm a western, expert (advanced, expert, however you want to classify) skier wondering if the perfect 2 ski quiver for me is:


180 Bonafide for 80% of the days

186 Lhasa Pows for the deeper days.


Oh, one other thing, currently use Garmont Adrenalines as my only boot.  Strong enough boot for Bonafides?  I'm eyeing Seth Morrison Pros in the next year or two as my boots are also getting long in the tooth.

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As an addendum to my question:


1.  I've skied a buddy's 184 mantras and like it as well, but I almost preferred the shorter length for versatility (and snowplowing a bunch as I'm now teaching my 4th child to ski) and I ski trees a fair amount.  Also, my home mountain gets bumped out pretty big.  So I've been looking for around 180 as a compromise.  Ahhh... then I see these great reviews on the Bonafide AND it comes in the 180 length!


Anyway, there isn't a place here to demo them so that's not an option.  That's why I need feedback from those who are in the know.   And, yes, my question would be different if I was looking for a one ski quiver.  

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Magnoe, we are basically the same size (I've got 10# on you) with a similar setup for western skiing.  For me, 180 for sure as the narrower of the two ski quiver in the west.  Paired with a powder ski, you'll be all set.  The 180 will be plenty stable at your weight, but more versatile and fun in tight places and you've got a dedicated pow ski for float on big days.  180 is a good call, especially if you spend a lot of time in the bumps and tight trees. 

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Thanks, Lewy.

And you have no problem flexing the ski? I just read dawgcatchings review again and he describes it for bigger guys and a struggle for smaller guys to flex it. I'm probably over thinking it since I ski mantras just fine. But I have the first year model of the mantras and don't know if they've stiffened them since.

I appreciate your input.
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I bought the skis and have two days on them so far. The first day was spring like conditions, second was dust on crust action. I love the 180 for me. It flexes well, feels stable with some speed (I don't like flying) and is reasonably nimble. I think you'll be happy with the 180. I sure am. One thing that really surprised me was how well it got on and held an edge. Let us know what you do.
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Magnoe, based on your self-description (5'11", 170#, western "expert") I don't think that you'd have a problem bending the Bonafide and 180 would probably be your best bet for length.  I am comparable in size (5'11", 180#) and that is the perfect length for me as the narrower slot in a 2 ski quiver.  You could size it down to 173 if you ski a smallish, bumpy mountain - that would make it more nimble, but at 5'11", it would ski pretty short and if the goal is an easy going ski that will excel in bumps and in tight spots, there are many better choices (some that you'll be able to pick up for 1/2 price in a month).


Net/net, I think that the Bonafides are great skis.  One of these days I'll do a full-on review.  But I think that they have been vastly over-sold here and in the consumer ski rags.  The reality is that the Bone is not especially appropriate for an intermediate skier and I think that a lot of folks are buying it who'd be way better off on something with a similar performance band but more forgiving and less heralded (i.e., Line P98 as one example).  The reality is that the Bone is a relatively stiff, metal laminate ski with a shape and flex that lets it ski shockingly well in soft snow and still be stable on hard pack.  It is an amazing ski in corn snow - I think perfectly optimized for a spring day (firm and fast in the morning, soft and mushy in the afternoon).  I think that is where the "versatile" comments come from - but consider the source of those comments, typically legitimate experts.  And typically heavier guys.  But it is not the all-out wonder ski for everyone.  It isn't an easy going ski - you need to drive it with confidence - and there are rewards, for a ski that is brilliant off piste and in soft snow, when conditions are firm, it carves groomers way better than you'd expect from a 98, but the price is that firm, hard bumps are not its best venue.  Doable, but not ideal.  Blizzard did some cool stuff with the shape (slight tail rocker) and flex (whatever the flip core thing really is) that enhanced skiablity and versatility for a pretty damp laminate construction ski with 2 sheets of metal.  But ultimately, everything is a trade-off, so you want to consider where you really ski and how.


Coming from a Mantra, based on your self-description, I think that you'd like the Bone just fine.  Probably love it.  But the questions to ask are: do you favor the feel of a dampish, metal laminate ski (it is OK to say "no"; it is OK to prefer a "poppy" high energy ski and still be an expert)? do you let your skis run down the fall line, or do you like to snap off small turns all over the mountain?  are you confident working a stiffish ski in tight spaces, breaking off turns ahead of the turn radius, or do you prefer a softer ski that is easier to "bend" to your will? are you a confident bump skier today (the Bone will not improve your game in bumps - you bring what brought you)?  do you ski bumps because they happen to be there on the best terrain on low snow days, or do you actively seek out PMT-style bump runs, plan week long trips to Mary Jane between storms, etc. . . ?  do you typically ski off-piste, softer snow biased, with some groomers mixed in (or the reverse)?


I love the Bonafide and think that it is a great ski for some skiers at some mountains.  But I think that if folks honestly answered the questions above, and ignored the hype, it wouldn't be the biggest selling ski on the wall.  And my take is that Blizzi USA knows that - which is why they did the Kabookie and the Brahma (forget the "sidecountry" marketing BS - it is about pushing that core design into a more broadly skiable flex pattern (Kabookie) or width (Brahma) for a wider range of skiers - and the enviornments those skiers actually ski in.

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That's good input.  Thanks.  The Prophet P98 sounds interesting as well...

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Originally Posted by MAGNOE View Post

That's good input.  Thanks.  The Prophet P98 sounds interesting as well...

I'm 52, 6-1, 175#, and an advanced western skier. I just bought the Line P98s in 179cm after a two day demo. I also demo'd 177cm Mantras and 178cm Rossi E88s (the latter simply to escape the Mantras--too much ski for me). I wanted to demo the Bonafides but they were nowhere to be found in Mammoth. The only place who sells them sold out and even sold their demo pair. After reading about the stiffness of the Bones, I am glad I got the P98s as I read they are more forgiving/less demanding than the Bones. I really thought the P98s were fun. They were nimble yet I could lay out some GS turns on them. They had nice pop but I didn't have to work my legs off skiing them. They went thru fresh and cut-up powder great--super fun and effortless. Give them a go if you get a chance.

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