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Snowpine lodge at Alta ?

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Anyone ever stayed in the dorms there?


Thanks redface.gif



*think snow*

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Don't know about the dorm, but I've heard good things about the Snowpine!


I have stayed in the Peruvian's a few times.   The overflow dorm at the Peruvian is extremely small for 4 people and I wouldn't recommend it unless your young and very intoxicated!  The main dorm is larger, but I'm getting a little old for sharing?


Sometimes if you're arriving late and missing the meals, the "bunkers" w/o windows,  in the Cliff can be cheaper?

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Anyone ever stay at snowpine?



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Have not stayed at Snowpine.  I talked to someone on the lift at Alta who said they renovated last season so it was nicer than before.  I think ownership changed.

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