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Good Grief, Bong!!! Four thousand miles on a chain?!! And one of those super thin 10 speed jobbies no less. That's like going a full season on your skis without waxing them. I don't think I've ever gone more than 1500 miles before replacing the chain and I only went that long during the non winter months.

I hope you're not leaving your tires on for that long!
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Hey Rat,
Can't help it if I'm somewhat frugal !! Seriously, I normally go about 2500 to 3000 miles on a 9 speed chain and honestly feel that we should get at least 2500 from the 10 speed chains with modern steels & technology. Alas , the facts are that we probably should change chains around 2000, even if we clean and lube them every 150 miles or so, the old wear rule of replace at 12.125" for 12 links just doesn't apply anymore : .. I do change tires every 2000-2500 miles or so : .

Bong :

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Road bikes are great for getting into shape for the ski season or skiing is geat for getting into shape for cycling season. The sad thing with bike is that until you have riden a couple of times and tweeked with the bike to fit you, you won't know if its right for you. Unlike ski shops, bike shops generally don't have demo's to try like ski shops. I usually ride about 4 - 10K a year and have been using the same integrated Ultegra componets for the last 6 year. With all of the hills around where I live, I shift a lot. The two road bikes I have are a Gerchotti (Italian type fraim) and a Custom DelaSanta (The guy who use to make Greg's bikes 75' tube angle). I found that having tried various friends bike Ti, Al, Carbon, I still keep coming back to steel, with a carbon front fork.

The thing I love about a road bike is that they let you go places. So have fun. You'll enjoy what ever you chose. Just remember, you will eventually end up paying more then you ever though to support this summer habit.
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I see you are in the bay area.

I have been in several bike shops in SF lately and all of them will let you take a bike out for a "demo" ride. including REI..

I don't know what the time restriction is but they all take your license, and a credit card, have you sign the CC slip and off you go. If you don't return or damage the bike you bought it but I think most of the shops over here want you to buy and come back if you like their service so they allow "demo" rides.
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And I'll put in a little plug for REI....

It's a big company, and for that reason, probably easy to hate, in favor of your local bike shop. But they've earned their success, with excellent customer service.

I bought a pair of road bike pedals from REI in Denver last summer--Ritchey's. They worked all right, but I never really liked them. I put about a thousand miles on them, though. One day I was heading to Denver, and I brought the pedals with me. I took them to the Customer Service desk at REI and explained that there was nothing wrong with the pedals, but that I just didn't like them. I said I didn't expect them to take them back, but wondered if they might be able to do anything....

The guy looked at me like I was an idiot. "You know that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, right?" he asked. "Of COURSE we'll take them back!" Not only did he give me a full refund for the well-used and non-defective pedals, but he gave me a substantial DISCOUNT on another pair (Speedplay X-2's, which I love). He APOLOGIZED for my "troubles." And when he rang up the new sale, he discovered that I had an unused dividend, and he applied it to the deal.

You really can't do much better with customer service than that! They earned this plug. They deserve any business they get, as far as I'm concerned.

On top of that, they often have some pretty good deals on bicycles this time of year....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Good posts. Just finished a nice hill climb on my Waterford/Campy Chorus road bike. It's brand new and a nice ride.
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