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WOW- Golfers read this

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In the local paper today, tried to post a link but can't find one..

Local 16 year old fires 59 on 7/15
Glen ridge cc.
1 4 birdie
2 3 eagle (hole in 1)
3 5 par
4 3 birdie
5 4 birdie
6 5 birdie
7 4 birdie
8 3 par
9 4 birdie

out: 27

10 4 par
11 3 birdie
12 5 birdie
13 4 birdie
14 4 birdie
15 4 birdie
16 5 par, ( 1st drive out of bounds??**!!)
17 3 bogey!!
18 4 par

in : 32
total: 59

Wow. Hey it's not the longest track at just over over 6k yds, but that is some hot stuff right there.

Oh, and a few weeks later he won the medal by 3 strokes at sectionals for the US Amateur...


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In one of my "in the zone" rounds about 6 years ago, I was playing nine holes after work at Portland CC in CT and was three under par through the first 6 holes. But, I got ahead of myself, started thinking about going REALLY LOW, setting a record, all kinds of stupid sheet running through my mind, and I ended up shooting four over on the last three freaking holes and finished with a one-over par 36, still my best 9-hole score to date.

How sweet it must have been for him!
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when I shot my 78 (my best round to date), I didn't know what my score was after 9 or even coming into 18. I knew I was shooting well and knew I was close to 80, but on the high side. So, Jaws, I know what you meen by being in the zone.
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Ever notice how when you're in the zone everything is sooo easy until you start to think about it and then WHOOSH, you fall through the clouds and BAM! Reality and the law of averages. His scorecard would indicate he started to think about the enormity of his accomplishment around hole 16. The first time I broke 70 I stayed well in the present until a greedy shot on 18 nearly went OB. For the first time that day I thought of protecting my score in the 60s and yacked my guts up on the way to a bogey and 68. That fall through the clouds sure was sudden! skidoc
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Oh yeah...

Just found out I'm going to play a round with previously mentioned Mr. 59 tomorrow at 4. My buddy set it up.

Just as we might all agree ones skiing improves while in the company of better skiers; this 12 hcp will be going to school tomorrow..
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