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The boots I have now are the Nordica Speed Machines from 2006.  Probably have 50-60 days on them and they aren't packed out yet.  I have custom Super Feet Orthodics in them and they feel great when skiing.  I do get a foot cramp the first 2 runs but it goes away after the 3rd run.  I am thinking about buying a new pair of boots.  The only reason is when I am out west I spend about 70% inbounds but 30% hiking and the Speed Machines are terrible for the hiking part.  I'd also like a pair that make it easier to walk to the lift.  I have heard aboutt he Cochise 120 and the Hell & Back series from Nordica.  I have owned Technicas in the past and they were good boots but my foot is a tad wide at the toe box.  I wear a size 26.5.  My foot is super wide but the Nordica's seem to fit nicely.  I haven't tried any on yet just want to gather some info before trying both boots on.  I guess in the end I gotta go with the one that fits the best but would like to know what you guys think about both boots.