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Any info on Les Arcs in January?

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 Hi, just how busy are the slopes likely to be in January? I'm suffering a real crisis of confidence following an injury and the thought of crowds fills me with horror!!!

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The middle of January is one of the quietest time in the ski season, so it's probably the best time to go. That said, there are other resorts that will likely be even quieter than Les Arcs. It all depends on what you're looking for in a resort.

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Agree with CV about other places. Are you limited to a package deal that just goes to the popular world renowned areas or are you free to choose where you want to be? Also what kind of skier are you? What kind of resort are you looking for? I don't know if you've been to purpose built resorts before and know what they're like. Older prupose built places like Arc 1600 and 1800 aren't the most attractive places. The newer ones like the newer Les Arcs developments are more tastefully and sympathetically designed. All that said January is about as quiet as it gets and the snow should be fine.

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The Arcs
Been going there on and off since 1982, done 1600, 1800, 2000 over the years, yes I'm 68 and still skiing and loving it.
The good lady hates the Arcs as she is timid and feels she's on a busy morway.
I love the skiing in arcs but as I'm her tail end Charlie as she always skis looking over her shoulders in case and yes 5 years ago she was taken out by some over the alcohol limit British Ski bum, she's terrified of the Arcs.
January is the quietest time, but some runs are still crowded and generally as its relatively high certainty at 3200 mtrs pretty snow sure.
We go yearly now to Sainte Foy, small, quiet, picturesque and definitely never crowded, longest I've ever queue I've seen was 20 people.
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January in the Alps is generally pretty quiet but like the others have said the main central bits of Les Arcs are likely to be a little busier, especially the certain pistes at the end of the days with tired legs scenario.  If you want to go around there particularily try other villages of Les Arcs such as Peisey Nancroix or Vallandry.  Or Montchavin Les Coches over the other side of the Vanoise link is normally v quiet in Jan, though if you are happy on blue - red runs that'd be a bonus there.

Like Adie said if you add your ski level/experience people can suggest more specific places.

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 Thanks folks, we have been offered a free apartment  so too good a deal to refuse unless I'm likely to be terrified all week!

 Up until now I've been carving blues, enjoying reds and picking my way with no style but a big grin on blacks. As a 2 week a year skier I've plateaued, I'm planning on a couple of lessons to relearn, my ankles feel like they belong to someone else! I had a session in the UK recently and only barely managed a snowplough!! I had surgery on my coccyx earlier this year, apart from amputating most of it, the ligaments and muscles have been moved and I have some nerve damage to boot, it has completely changed the game.

 Unless anyone can chime in with experience of a disabled friendly instructor I will be contacting DSUK for their thoughts, I would rather have a warts and all opinion from someone on here than rely on an institution(no matter how good their reputation).

 I've skied later in the season so I know there are some nice cruisy blues I should be able to enjoy. My favourite areas are Are in Sweden for the quiet slopes and friendly people (can't afford it this time round) La Thuile Italy for the amazing food and links to other areas so you can find great snow whatever the weather(very long transfer and probable bus rides that I would rather avoid if I can). Thoroughly enjoyed Lake Louises tree lined runs and Sunshine for the free feeling I had there and the 1 amazing lesson that made turning a joy, I wish I could afford to return there and remember the name of the excellent instructor with the patience of a saint.

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I can understand your anxiety and why you seek quiet pistes. I'm sure that your confidence will grow as you get into it. I definitely agree that some lessons with a sympathetic instructor would be a really good idea. I don't know where in the area the apartment will be but Ski Newgen have a school in Vallandry. They have a great reputation and a private lesson would allow them to address your concerns and build your technique and confidence back. You could contact them before you go and let them know the issues so that they could have some preparation.


If you're looking for quiet Sweden, Vemdalen is really good. It's small but has a great atmosphere. If you like the spirit of Are I think you'd love it although it doesn't have the village that Are does. Just an idea!

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 Thanks Adie, I will contact Newgen, we will be staying in Les Arc 1800, If Sweden was possible on my budget I would be going back there for sure, unfortunately I'm still on very light work duties so severely hampered in the wallet. Les arcs is practically a give away which means i can afford lessons and still eat!!

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Have a great time.

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