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Next Skis For "All-Mountain"

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Hello, this is my first post on this forum and I would first like to say that I have already gotten lots of fantastic advice from many threads as well as articles. However, i have searched and searched and am having troubles finding out what skis would be best for me. So here is some background on me, I am an 18 year old college student in eastern Wahington. I am 6'2" and 170 pounds with a slim to medium frame size. I am however fairly strong for my weight. I ran competitively all throughout high school and currently bike on the cycling team. I have plenty of upper body strength too. My skiing ability is at a 9 if I understand the levels correctly. I would be an advanced/expert skier. I was able to do any double-black you could throw at me before I took a "break" because I was swamped with school work and athletics. Over the past three years, I only went up 4 time. But when I did go up, I was still doing all the double black runs. I do mostly moguls and lots of side country skiing, where it isn't groomed but still in bounds. I personally would love to get more into drops and a little more of the "untouched" areas I would guess. However, I do tend to spend some amount of time on the groomers with my friends, so powder skis do not interest me. I am not interested in park whatsoever either, so I do not feel the need for twin tips. I recently outgrew my last pair of skis (Rossingnol Scratch Sprayer). I need a new pair of skis that would allow me to grow into them a bit more skill-wise without breaking the bank (College Student Funds). I do acknowledge the fact though that I will need to spend a fair amount to get a great, high end ski. Also, I have a pair of Lange RS-130's that I bought last year and so far work fantastic! So no need to suggest boots. I like the idea of the Volkl Kendo's and so far I have seen fantastic reviews about them. What do you guys think would be an ideal ski that is a little more geared towards off-piste terrain but I can still use on groomers to get to the bottom of the mountain.

Also, sorry for writing so much. I just realize how important giving information about yourself is when finding skis. I also will be skiing hopefully twice a weekend throughout the whole season. And I do not have a chance to demo that many skis (price).
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If you are on a budget, as I am as well due to my status of college student, consider the Starthaus deal: http://www.epicski.com/t/113762/the-nordica-armada-has-landed


I picked up a pair of Enforcers for $299 shipped - hard deal to beat!

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Great deals.  Have a conversation with the Starthaus guys around your intended use for the skis.  For example, the Hell and Back (the 'Helen') is based on the Enforcer platform but, with no metal in the layup, is likely more suited to the side country conditions you're targeting.


Good luck.

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Thank you for that link. I just finished talking to the guys at Starthaus and went with the Hell and Back Skis. I got the last pair of the 185 cm length that they have in stock. I looked online at reviews for them have yet to find a truly negative look on the skis. Thanks again for that link! Saved enough money to be able to purchase a season pass without feeling bad about it!

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you're welcome. Glad I could help pass on the savings. Have a good season on the hill, I'm looking forward to the same.
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Nice one. icon14.gif


Enjoy your new boards. 

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