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one day your kid will ski as well as you do...

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the next day they'll be better!


A Warren Miller line, I believe. (and probably as close as I'm ever going to get to being part of Warren Miller's world)


So, it happened to me on the last day of the season. On our once-a-day mad dog run, I couldn't catch my daughter. First time ever. High fives and big hugs at the bottom of the hill, bought her a new pair of skis this off-season, I'm one proud papa.


BUT, now I've had six months for this to roll around in the back of my mind and it's messing with my head somewhat. Wondering (worrying) what this season will bring. There's a couple of older threads that talk about this, since it's now very near and dear to my heart I thought I'd ask for fresh comments. How have other parents dealt with this milestone? Just as much as practical, day to day on the hill matters and the "letting go" process, looking for ways to soothe my ego and avoid feeling over the hill. I'd also welcome thoughts/experiences to deal with teenage attitude that may arise (who am I kidding, I know that's going to rear it's ugly head sooner or later) 



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lol.  Been there done that.  My kid beats me down a lot of stuff but since I have been skiing more than twice as long as he has been alive, this old dog still has a few tricks to teach.  And if the trail is really sketchy the old man still rules the roost.  As far as dealing with teenage attitude, at least as far as skiing wisdom goes, I have followed the same philosophy since the kid was little offering only the occasional tip or piece of advice.  Kids are sponges and soak up a lot of technique knowledge just by following.  An example of a piece of advice that I gave that was definitely listened to: we were skiing on some wide open slopes on one of those cold clear VT days that come along just after a nice warm rain...in other words the entire hill was a sheet of ice. My advice was that days like these are the times when people lose control and slam headfirst into a tree or lift tower - dial it back today.  He listened and I am confident that advice will stick in his head forever.  

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I gave up to even trying to catch up after I saw my son doing this ;-)


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My older son passed me up several years ago. He's now a Junior at the University of utah, so no chance of me ever catching up. Not much you can do about it. You just have to hope they will ski with you now and then. Whenever, I ski with my son (usually at snowbird where he has a season pass) I just remind him that I am old and feeble and request that he try to avoid getting me into situations where I might incur serious injury or death. As best i can tell he ignores the request. It is fun to watch the progress though and remember when they were first learning. Ah, the good old days.  

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The day they pass you on the mountain isn't such a big deal in my mind as I rationalize it as they're just kids with no fear--and I'm smarter to go slower. Much worse is the day when they're finally taller and call you "short stuff." Now that's a day to make you cry.

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My son passed me up when he was a senior in HS.  Then he went off to college and during his second year I got serious about skiing and teaching.  He came home for Christmas and he couldn't keep up.  Last year we had an early big dump at Red Lodge and I rented him some Rossi SC87 skis to he could ski with me in the powder and trees.  By the time he went back to school he was keeping up in the trees and powder.  Since he didn't ski the rest of the season and I did I'm sure I left him behind again, but when he comes home for Christmas this year he'll have his own new skis, Elan Apex, so I'm sure he'll at least keep up if not pass me again.  The competition has made us both better and it's all in fun.  He actually likes that he has to work to keep up with me.  Eventually I won't be able to keep up with him but that's OK.

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