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Triple Bypass redux - July 13th

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I rode the Triple this year as I have done for the last 5 years; It's a birthday thing for me. I turned 40 on the 12th. Yeah! The weather was practically perfect and I finished in under 8.5 hours including rest stops. That's my fastest time so far. Any other Bears ride it?

For those wondering... the Triple is regarded as the hardest one day road century in the country. It starts in Evergreen, CO and ascends 10k+ feet in elevation over three passes in 120 miles. I think there were over 2K people who were registered for it this year. It's a hoot. Lots of pretty girls.

I did see a guy with a red and white Nobilette and a time carbon fork. Was that you Astro?

This weekend is the D2A (Denver to Aspen Classic) and I'm in for that ride too. It's a double century or there's a 150 mile starting point too. I'm going for the 150 mile starting point because I've never ridden this tour before.

Ooooo, I got a new road bike too. Can I gloat for a minute? Thanks. It's a Seven Axiom Ti with Campy Carbon Record 10 speed, Campy Nuetron wheel set and other jewelry. All told... sub 17 lbs. Not to mention a very sweet feeling ride. Okay, I'm all done with the gloat.
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way to go, PinHed.

is it tougher than the Assault on Mt Mitchell, done annually in North Carolina in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mtns?

my fitness sux right now, the separated SC joint on June 7 and the back injury (severe bruising, cracked rib) on July 20 have kept me from spending much time in the saddle. Usually I'm at a ferocious fitness level at end of July, but this year I'm lucky to be at mid-May fitness right now.

such are the perils of my entry into the wild world of shuttle-run DH. on the up side, my descending skills are improving drastically and several friends have complained about their new-found inability to keep pace on the descent.
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Pinhed. Way to go!

No, that was not me. My Nobillette is a metallic Hot Wheel blue fading to black on the rear triangle.

I was up in Winter Park attempting my own mtn bike triple...over Tipperary Creek, then over Elk Creek aka The Hump then up to the top of the ski area. Sad to say the second climb crushed me. The pain got into my head as paul sherwin would say. And I bailed. <begin excuses here> It was hot. I have only just started riding at altitude and my climbing miles were very low so...I had stashed water and food in several places in thew woods. It was hot enough that we made a lot of friends by doling out the leftover water.

Nice ride you got yourself! Very very nice. Enjoy it and ride safely.
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I rode it too. Little warmer this year than last! Can't give you my time as I stopped for a while in East Vail for a beer at a buddy's house before heading west again. Have you seen the guy in the tandem with the inflatable doll in the rear seat? Always assumed it was SCSA.
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way to go! Congrats..

Wish I were in that kind of shape [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I rode a 33 mile this Sunday. First 25+ mile I've ridden in over 22 years. (since early college)
I'm suprised I'm not more sore. It was fun.

I'm working on it.. Maybe a century some time next year.
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PinHed is really fit right now. Good for him!
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Sounds great Pinhed--sorry I missed it. I thought about it, but couldn't afford the time. That sounds like a great bike! I got a new K2 Mod 5 last summer--another sweet ride, although the aluminum and titanium of Dura Ace don't have quite the zoot-factor of your carbon Record stuff! Still, I fell in love with it the first time I turned the pedals.

How about a ride up Mt. Evans some time? I rode that twice last fall. It sounds worse than it is, if you haven't done it before--great ride! Drop me a line sometime if you need a riding partner!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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