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As I wrote also in the other forum, I thank everybody for their comments that, I imagine and hope, were inspired by a faithfully will to help Tommi and his father to make Tommi's skiing technique improve paying the proper attention in terms of age related learning capabilities.



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Ancient, congratulazioni! Il tuo ragazzo e' una bomba! 

That said, I would highly stress not to put him in a race program right away but rather have him take a couple of years with private ski lessons, and here is why.
From personal experience and what I continue to see every weekend on the slopes, race programs for younger kids put way to much emphasis on speed rather than technique. The classes are usually of 20+ kids and it becomes hard for ski instructors to actually teach them anything. What you end up is a bunch of racers who go fast between the gates but have no style. 
Having him take private lessons will allow the ski instructor to really hammer in the fundamentals of skiing, once he got those (which he seems to already have down fairly well) transitioning to the gates will be a breeze. This will also make him a faster racer, because strong fundamentals, equal less unnecessary movements and more control.

PS where do you usually ski?

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We usually ski in Valle d'Aosta at Champorcher ski resort.
Actually Tommi skies with a ski club and doesn't make races because he is too Young, but be sure I took good note of your advise.


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La Vallée rocks! No wonder he's so good! beercheer.gif

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