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Apex Ski Boots

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Does anyone here know anything about these ski boots?  

They look flimsy to me.  Just wondering if they are legitimate.


more info here:


Open ChassisWalkable Support Boot


Custom Fit Liner

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Someone said they are good for people who want to ski very slowly and have warm comfortable feet all day.  Anyone have experience with these boots?

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I agree they work well for people that want to ski very slowly.

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Apex Ski Boots

Apex Ski boots can be skied at higher speeds. I tested for several days at Mt Hood this summer in varied conditions on different skis at different speeds. The bar on the back comes in different stiffness's as well. The inner boot wears like a warm walking snow boot and you can easily drive your car with it on. The outer skeleton is the key and is easy to put on. The boot can resist enough to maintain energy in a high speed ski turn. Expert skiers can compensated enough to be able to maintain that turn safely. That being said that is the boots Achilles heel, however the company does not make the claim that the boot is even designed for that. Over-all interesting and capable boot for the right individual that is looking for a combination of warmth, comfort without giving up over-all performance.The boot does have a higher price point then many others however.

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