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Salomon Custom Shell? 3 Buckle vs. 4 Buckle?

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I've been looking at some new boots and was checking out a couple of Salomon offerings at a local shop...particularly the Quest Max 120 and X Max 120.  I haven't tired them on yet as I was just passing through and didn't have my insoles or ski socks with me but the idea of the heat moldable shell sounds good on paper.  I was wondering about the 3 buckle Quest Max design vs. the 4 buckle X Max boots, has anyone had any experience with the two designs?

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it is the same lower shell so really comes down to what you are doing with the boot


want to hike up lots get the quest max,..... want better on piste performance get the X max


all said assuming the shell shape is good for your foot


personally if i were building a 3 buckle boot i would put 2 clips on the cuff and only one on the lower shell, Salomon for whatever reason did it the other way round

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the reason is as you outlined, it's the same suitcase, thus the blanks for buckles are in the same place for both. Also the Quest Max has a strange kinda tongue/overlap attachment, to enable walking stride, this has an effect on the way the bood feels on the shin. 

The new technology is awesome IMO, we haven't stocked Salomon for many years, they're now back in the game with an awesome product and for us if we had to select one boot, and were only alowed to stock one model the Quest Max Pro would be it, simply cos it skis well, walks well and can be made to fit almost any foot (that we will be putting to the test very soon! pics to follow).


All the blah blah blah about Fischer "Sucker" this knocks it into a cocked hat for bootfitting solutions; it's beautiful, simple, elegant, fantastic liner, oh oh oh, i'm of to dip my "****" in one now!

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I always kind of thought the placement of buckles on the 3 buckle boots didn't make a whole lot of sense and I'm glad at least one of the pros agrees with me.  biggrin.gif  I guess I need to go try a on a pair.

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2 clips on the upper would allow the skier to get the ankle tighter than the calf, all in all a good idea, I agree with CEM.



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I've tried on both the X Max 100 and Quest Max 100 since that's the top models the local shop stocks.  (being in Ohio there is low demand for top tier boots).  I tried both of them in the same shell size I normally ski (27.5) but after reading about them a little bit it seems it may be work going back and trying a 26.5 for comparison.  I am still on the fence about the 3 buckle vs. 4 buckle design.  I like the sole design of the Quest Max but I just don't have total confidence in the 3 buckle design so I am leaning towards teg 4 buckle X max.  I'd hate to spend $600+ on news boots and hate them.  Have any of our boot masters skied the Quest Max boots?

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Yes, the Quest Max Pro 130, Beefy, the main issue I feel with these boots is that at store temps they feel really soft, due to the custom shell plastics, we've had to install a chest freezer in the store that we now use to flex test all boots on our clients, saving us dumping them out in the snow, getting them wet and seemingly having already been used. 

There is a difference as mentioned in the 3/4  buckle versions that can be quickly and simply delt with by your BF should you feel the need, you'll have to trust them and let their experience work that through for you.

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