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Tour de Lance

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Last Sunday as the peleton was winding its way home to Paris I was out on a road ride north of Boulder. Well, they were done already over in Paris. But...Heading home through Hygiene I spotted a Postal rider. I'm nearly certain it was Christian Vandevelde. He's ridden several of the past Tours but was not selected for the team this year. It looked as if he was out on an easy ride with his girlfriend, wife, whomever.

It occurred to me that he would be included in the payout from the Tour victory. As far as I know all the prize money won is divided among the entire Postal team, even those riders not included in the Tour itself. Lance won over $300,000 for first, none of which he will keep. Then there are sprints and team placings and stage wins.

Mr. Vandevelde, if that is who it was that I saw, had earned himself quite a paycheck that day.
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