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Need help with numb toes

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First a little background...

I had a pair of custom footbeds made several years ago.  The were a HUGE improvement over my Superfeet footbeds and I really loved them for the first few seasons.  It wasn't until I bought new boots and put my custom footbeds in that I started to get numb toes and really really cold feet.  My 3 smaller toes (3rd - 5th metatarsals) on both feet would start to lose circulation after a couple runs and then pretty much turn numb after about an hour.  At that point, it would become painful to continue skiing and my feet would get quite cold.


More details ...

My new boots (Nordica Dobermann Pro 130) are a 98 last, while my old boots (Nordica Beast 12) were wider at 100 or 101mm.  I am guessing that although the boot sole length is the same on both (27.5), the narrower last of the Dobermann makes them fit differently.


Do you think I should replace these with new footbeds made specifically for the 98mm last, could they be shaved/ground to fit the narrower last of my Dobermanns?

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there are a few possibilities.


it may be as simple as having a good boot fitter properly interface the old footbed to the new boot. because the dobi is a much lower volume boot than the beast there are a few considerations.


the first consideration is  whether the boot board of the dobi has had the hump in the middle of it flattened out. out of the box your footbed sits on top of the humped boot board and your whole foot gets raised a few millimeters which is enough to force your foot higher into the roof which may be putting pressure on the instep bump where the blood and nerves pass on the way to your toes.


secondly the footbed may have a little too much volume. meaning that it was built a little thick and it too is forcing the instep into the roof of the boot. the fix is to make sure all of the footbeds dimensions are trimmed to fit the dobi. height, length, width, lateral arch wall/medial arch wall/height of heel cup all trimmed to match.


after the first 2 steps, if not solved, i would have the fitter check to see if opening up a window in the tongue is a possibility, as well as a good look into the toe box to see if a stretch or grind is necessary.



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Jim - thanks for the excellent feedback.  Your description sounds spot on regarding pressure on the instep bump.  My toes seem to have enough room, but my instep is quite tight.  When I put the stock 1/8" flat Nordica footbeds in, I can ski all day without my toes getting numb.


I'm pretty sure the boot board has not been touched, so the hump is likely still there.  I will check them out tonight.

Regardless, I will plan to take them to my local boot fitter to see if he can make them work before looking at new customs.

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