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England win!

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After spending the day yesterday, I sloped off work this morning for the first session at Lords. Beautiful weather, and for once we managed to win something!

p.s. should add a poll with 1 question: do you know what I'm talking about?
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Yes, absolutely amazing!
1. The weather is still good (car says it is 32C)
2. England won a match against a team that can play quite well.

What on earth is next?

Well, I'll tell you...
I'm having a barbeque tonight, only pork will be served. I hadn't planned to have a BBQ, but I was out cleaning my rifle, and I accidently hit a pig that was passing overhead at the time...

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Oh now come on, not only did we beat them we did it with some style. Pushed their little heads into the dirty dust yeah!!!! Oh dear a little carried away, but you get the picture.

Nice gag about the pork though, liked that!
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I've just seen England beat India at table-tennis.
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[sorry mis-read an earlier comment]

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