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Hey Guys I'm Mike and I'm new here! I'm in need of a little help for some new ski blades that I picked up for cheap at Wachusett's ski-swap. The blades I pick up were 61cm Salomon Grom L61's. Given that I'm still a teenager I didn't think the length would be an issue but out of impulse buying I forgot to check what size the bindings would fit. With my luck they only fit up to size 7 so they aren't going to work. So what I'm asking is if anyone knows where I can pick up a dirt cheap pair of bindings for the blades that will fit my size 11 boot. The issue I've been having is most bindings cost around $150 and I only paid $25 for the blades and they're only for messing around on every now and then, so all I need is something to get me running. Give me your suggestions, Thanks! biggrin.gif