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It's RED(make that ROSSO)

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Things are looking red at Hokenheim.
How about Eddie in 6th? :
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Mika confirms retirement. Been waiting for that one. The other Fin - Kimi - lookin' solid and coming on.
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YOUBETCHA! (Midwest-speak)
He's the one to watch right now. Although I have to back Rubens for the number two spot. DC's doing OK too. JPM is bound to get onde sooner or later.
Somehow I can't get emotionally involved with German "iron". Now Italian, it's all about passion.
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Wouldn't it be better to say ROT, SLATZ?
A French boss with a german name (probably Alsatian or Lorrainer), a German driver
who's greatly contributed to bring the Ferrari
name back where it belongs: at the top.
And a Brit as a race directory, loads of
international people in the team. I bet that even the mechanic teams aren't composed 100% by Italians...
Only the name and the money (maybe) are tricolor
Two rethoric (I know the answers) questions:
Does anyone know where the little rampant horse
come from?
And the red colour with which all Ferrari should be painted (I abhorr white/yellow/black Ferraris)?
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Michael's race engineer is Italian(or at least has an Italian name) they said on the US coverage.
The horse was the emblem of a WW I fighter pilot that Enzo Ferrari knew. His family gave Enzo permission to use it as the symbol of his "scuderia". This one I'm sure of, the next I'm not so sure about.
Black was the origional "official" color for Italy. Red was for the US. At some point the US gave up the color and Italy took it.
Actually I might have heard that from you Matteo.
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I thought Nigel Stepney (Brit) was Michael's Cheif Engineer. Remember, the guy who's foot Michael ran over last year?
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I think Nigel is Chief Mechanic at Ferrari

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Yes, the rampant (or rearing, or prancing) horse was Francesco Baracca's
( http://www.firstworldwar.com/bio/baracca.htm, or http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/italy/baracca.html)
symbol, the WWI air war Italian ace (I remember 36 victories, the bio I point to says 34),
painted on his airplanes. He came from a cavalry unit (as were most of
the fighter pilots of WWI), hence the horse.
Like "The Drake" (Enzo Ferrari nickname) he is a son of Emilia-Romagna
the region which hosts the Ferrari and Maserati plants, land of people
who loves engines/motori (and the stronghold of communism in Italy, virtually
everyone is a commie there, but also where the Accademia Militare has its
quarters in Modena, the Italian version of West Point).

As far as the red colour, well, I thought I knew the answer!
Enzo ferrari started his carreer with the scuderia, as a manager
for the Alfa-Romeo racing team. Whose cars were painted red.
When he started to produce his own cars, he kept the colour.
I don't know where the red colour was taken from by Alfa-Romeo.
I simply assumed that Red had always been Italy's colour ever since racing
was undertaken (Deep-Blue for the French, Dark-Green for the Brit...).
Your sentence about Black being Italy's colour calls for more research.
Ahh history...

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Now I have to figure out who told me that. It was recently.Memory is the second thing to go you know.(I've forgotten the first).
Luca Baldezzari was identified as Michaels race engineer for this year.(I guessed at the spelling)
After watching the race on Sunday, I went to Oshkosh for the EAA show. There were 3 P 51 Mustangs with yellow tails and red prancing horses on the rudders. I wasn't able to find out anything about them.

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Oshkosh, I've often read about that on my favourite airplanes magazine: Volare...
P-51 mustangs....aaahhh childhood dreams!
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It's about 2 hours from where I live. I drive by on my way to skiing in Michigan's Upper Penninsula.
I think I mentioned that my friend, Dave Miller, who I was visiting in Graechen, flys a T 34 with the Warbirds. He sent me his parking permit and gate pass.
I too had those same childhood dreams. The last time I was there I saw Chuck Yeager and his P 51 Glamorous Glennis II. I was quite excited to see that there is a P 51 kit that is for the new Sport Aviation class(one step beyond Ultra Light). Dissappointed though when I saw it struggle to get airborne. I guess they wouldn't allow a "hot" plane in that class.
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