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R2 for Aspen?

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Hej, going to Aspen in mid-february for two weeks of skiing, Will my Rocker 2 (122) be too much of a ski for resort skiing in Aspen? Will I do best with something skinnier?  

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Not if you get a foot of snow a day.  Personally, I think a ski that wide is kinda pointless inbounds.  I'd be looking at a 88-98 wide ski -- it'll do most everything you need well at Aspen.



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Every March I go to Aspen for a week and usually bring two pairs of skis. Lately I've been skiing Blizzard 8.7's, 87 waist, and Answers, 110 waist, and rarely do I get a chance to ski the Answers. If you can only bring one pair I agree that 122 is probably not the best choice, but since you'll be there for two weeks I'd try to bring two pairs and hope you get some powder.

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I haven't skied the R2, but pretty much agree with both of these guys.  I'm usually on a 90ish ski, either Legend Pro's or Blizzard Titan 9.

Then I'm on MX108, XXL's or Bent Chetlers on powder/soft days.


Kind of depends on how much hiking the bowl/backcountry you plan on doing?


I probably have something long and skinny you can barrow if it's hard or you just want to go really fast?

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I've riden a 118+ ski only twice:  once when I went cat skiing off of the back of Aspen Mountain, and once (last season) cat skiing off of Jones Pass.  The first time was fine.  The second time I regretted not taking my own narrow skis virtually every foot of the descent.  It was hardpacked conditions (cat skiing!) and trying to manage the stress on your knee of a wide ski when there is literally no give to the snow is no fun.  It was only marginally helpful is some of the windslab we hit.  Everyone of us who used wide skis from the cat company regretted it, and we thought the skis were amongst the worst we ever had skied.  I'm sure we might have had a different opinion if we were in conditions for which a very wide ski is designed...


Unfortunately, you can't plan on soft snow to be present over an entire two-week period.  IMHO, the first priority is to have a ski that can handle a wide variety of conditions.  In the alternative, take two pair.



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Even when its soft up top, Nell's can be pretty hard at the end of the day. SOP is just straightline it!  

Some of the youngsters are on 5 point skis all the time and it's kind of scary looking 10 yards over wondering if the kid can turn them @ 50mph?


I'd bring two pair if you have the option?

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No one asked the obvious: well, where do you normally ski?

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