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Thanks for the weather/conditions updates.  I'm trying to strategize about lift tickets and ski area choices.  My son and I are committed to joining you guys for the second through fourth days of the gathering, but then I have two more ski days and could fill them with a three day MRG ticket off liftopia (priced at less than one day at Stowe).  Would that be a mistake or do you think the natural conditions at MRG are good to go at this time?  We enjoy MRG when it is on.  I guess I could wait until Sunday morning at Sugarbush, but would have to decide then whether to keep two extra prepurchased SB tickets for later use or liquidate them like Crank.  Alternatively, I could also do the two extra days at Sugarbush South and North quite affordably.


We may bring a third person with us and I could swing between both ability groups.  My son will probably prefer the stronger group.


As I said above, the Sugarbush natural snow trails were a bit thin, although definitely ski-able without doing core-shots.  I spent Sunday and Monday at Stowe, and Stowe has better coverage for the most part, but then again -- I was at Stowe just after 5" fell and Sugarbush got the same 5".  So they improved a bit.  The new snow was kinda wet, heavy stuff that sticks to things well.  And it looks like there's the potential for a bit more this week.  I don't think you can really go wrong between the three areas; if you enjoy MRG when it's "on" -- well, it's probably as "on" as it gets right now.

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I dunno about "BIG SNOW", but it does look like at least a few more inches over the next few days.  Should stay cold enough up there to keep conditions solid -- rain down here in Boston...

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Looking good up north!!!



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For anybody thinking about participating in this gathering be sure to check group threads for more details here:  http://www.epicski.com/groups/show/24/2013-east-coast-gathering-northern-vermont


Did I see 15-30" in that forecast between now and Saturday!?!

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15-30 "???  Yowza!

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For the non skiers tagging along this weekend, magic hat's annual mardi gras parade is happening in Burlington on Saturday. Google "magic hat mardi gras" for more info. My kickball girls are trying to convince me not to ski that day and party instead, which is what most if them will be doing, but I think they're all going to rally and come out and ski on Sunday. Lots of après ski options in burlington as well because of mardi gras; should be a good time.
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From the Sugarbush snow report page:


Winter Storm Rocky came looking for Bullwinkle J. Moose and found him at Sugarbush. We received 12 inches in the last 24 hours and forecasts call for more snow all the way through Monday night



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Originally Posted by crank View Post

I am still planning to come plus 1 possibly 2.  Have a gig Friday night in Pittsfield, MA, so will either meet up with you all later in the morning Saturday or possibly Sunday.  The Thunderbolt race is that Saturday on Mt Greylock and since I will be staying right nearby there I might go to check it out.  Planning on staying up north through Tuesday.  


Chrisandy, If you want, bring a guitar and we can jam. I still say Neil Young is a great guitarist! lol

man... i here you guys are gonna get some serious snow - hopefully its true... im in alta until sunday- not a bad place to be 30" since friday but nothing in the forecast.


 take and post pics and if you are heading to burlington for mardi gras, please carpool, those vt law enforcement dudes are looking for out of state plates and dwi's...


crank.. i had a blast talking with you, but, you may be tone deaf... neil young?  yikes.... LOL!

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