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Gearing up for the Cup.

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Don't know if anyone is keeping up with the Road to the Luis Vitton or America's Cup but Dennis Connor had a boat sink a few days ago in 17M of water! Opps. Apparently the rudder sheared off. I am trying to find out who designed the boat because in the Volvo Ocean race there were similar problems on the Farr designed boats and I know Bruce Farr designed a few of the boats for this years race, most noteable the Oracle Racing boats. What is even funnier than the Dennis Connor boat going down is the fact that the lead French boat was rammed by a Greenpeace boat and almost sunk. What were they doing spearing whales with a spinaker pole??? Should be some great racing come October. Chris Dixon on the Oracle boat is my pick for a challenger for New Zeland. What do you think is this the Year the Cup comes back to the US???
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I've only just begun to follow the Cup. What's great about Conner is the boat was full fo hotshots who had made big donations when it went down! Hear the Greenies were bent b/c the French boat is sponsored by a nuclear power company. Not sure whose going to win but the Kiwi's MAY be a bit less formidible this time so may be we challengers have a chance
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That's hilarious! Leave it to greenpeace to take it one step too far. All the big shots on Connor's boat watched that thing sink just about as fast as their stock price. Ahh well. It's going to be a good run. Most of these guys are comming off the VOR, Swedish Match, and other international races. They are ready to go. I wish I was there.
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How did losing the rudder make it sink? When I heard it sank, I was picturing breaking in half like AustraliaOne. I guess if it's only in 17M of water, they can save it to sail again.

I'd like to see connor win it because he'd bring the Cup back to Newport where it belongs. If it weren't for that, I'd want Cayard to win. I think he's probably our best shot for a U.S. winner.
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Indeed they took it out nearly immediately, and trailed to harbour for repairs.
From the footage I saw on the telly, the mast was
coming out of the water by a good chunk, and the shadow of the shape of the boat was still viewable from above...
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I don't know the details but if that rudder sheers away it leaves a pretty big hole in the stern. The boat has bags and pumps but that's not going to keep it floating. Depending on how long it was on the bottom they might have to stripp that boat clean of rigging and electronics. I just had to go through this type of disaster. The boat yard that maintains my boat put her in the water with the wrong stern plug in and she went the the bottom in about 30 feet of water. What a pain in the arse. I heard Cayard was replaced and is not driving for Oracle. I heard Chris Dixion was driving in replacement of Paul. That was the news as of a few days ago anyway. Having the cup in Newport would be great.
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