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Ok, so we need a new thread (will explain why new thread is needed) on the Fischer Vacuum Boots. Fischer has evolved the line dramatically and to be honest, as someone who stayed on top of the older models and was waiting for this year's models, I find the new line up to be somewhat confusing. New thread required as the old thread is more specific to the older lineup imo - I suspect the new tech will bring new issues.


The new lineup includes the Vacuum Ranger, Vacuum Hybrid, and Vacuum Trinity (ladies?) in addition to the Vacuum Pro, RC4, and Soma variants...


I count 6 different types of Vacuum Boots, still trying to sort through what each line is for.


They seem to have added some new tech to these although I am simply not "getting" everything that was added. The Ranger looks interesting, with shock absorption, Vibram soles on the bottom exterior of the boot for hining (with hard edges to lock in to ski bindings), and a switch to change modes (HIKING/PISTE/POWDER). 


Truthfully, as a prospective consumer who does NOT work in a boot shop, I am utterly confused as to what all of this junk actually does. Marketing overkill, do I get fries or a built in RECON system with my boots too?


I love the sound of shock absorption though as cliff drops is something I've been working on these couple of years and at 10 ft+, you deal with shock/impact in addition to forward momentum. The Vibram soles SOUND nice, but do they wear out faster than regular boots since you are really reliant on those outer edges remaining in good shape (if my concern is not justified, feel free to correct me, I don't have a pair of these in front of me). The Last sizes seem to have a much wider range than before too, are these ordered as different boots (with different last sizes) or is Fischer simply instructing you Boot fitters to widen it via the molding process?


Obviously, any changes to the Vacuu PLAST system for molding the boots is important as well. 


Fischer's online site is weak for a sales pitch where I am being asked to cough up $1400. Can we get some Boot Fitter Experts with the new lineup to discuss?


PS: Looks like all our theories from last year about the first year being a Beta year were accurate, even the anticipated price jump was on the money.